Today’s Headlines

  • Mercury News Laments All the Tolls and Fees Drivers are Being "Hit" With
  • Guardian UK: "Bus Cuts Drive Americans Back to Cars"
  • SamTrans Paratransit Fares Set to Rise This Week (Merc
  • West Portal Muni Metro Crash Proving Costly for the City (SF Examiner
  • Two Injured in Crash Involving the 31-Balboa in the Richmond District (BCN via SF Appeal
  • SFPD, SFBC to Work Together on Sting Targeting SF Bicycle Thieves (CBS5
  • SFCTA to Vote Today on Bayview Hunter’s Point Neighborhood Transportation Plan (SF Examiner)
  • SF Business Journal: "Developers Mix and Match Funding for Rentals" 
  • Menlo Park Attorney Who Filed Dismissed HSR Suit Still Satisfied with Outcome (The Almanac)
  • Is a Climate Bill Still a Climate Bill If It Doesn’t Cut Transpo
    Emissions? (The
    via Transpo
  • Jan Gehl and Walter Hook Hand Down 10 Principles for Livable
    Transportation (Sustainable
  • Fixed-Gear Bicycles Growing in Popularity (Los Gatos Weekly Times via the Merc)
  • I hate the way that the Mercury Article complains about increased ticket prices for speeding and distracted driving. “Oh, it’s so much more expensive now to break the law and endanger myself and others!”

  • Nick

    Re: SFBC and SFPD team up to catch bike thieves

    Seems like a bad movie waiting to happen. Mismatched charachters team up in an effort to catch the hopelessly down and out.

    Seriously though, I guess it’s a good start. Do they have data that there are organized gangs of criminals fencing bikes? Ancedotal evidence points to crackheads and methheads and non-drugged out knuckleheads.

    SFPD might also want to reclassify certain tools found in construction as “burgalry tools.” Some examples are loppers and Rigid pipe cutters. Both perform the same function as bolt cutters but they are small enough to fit in your pocket.

  • marcos

    Bike thieves often hang out in campers and trucks on Division between Harrison and Potrero.