Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Board to Hold Public Hearing Today on Restoring Muni Service (SF Examiner)
  • Woman Injured in 2006 Muni Crash on Market St. to Receive $750k Claim (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA Will Stop Paying Six Muni Operators for Work as Union Reps (City Insider)
  • Fourth of July Marked 150th Anniversary of First Market St. Rail Line (SF Gate)
  • SF Supes Reappoint Planning Commissioners Moore and Sugaya (City Insider
  • Agencies Envision "World-Class" Park in Oakland at Touchdown of Bay Bridge (Merc)
  • Bicyclist Stabbed in Early Morning Attack on the Embarcadero (SF Gate)
  • Bay Citizen: "Death Raises Questions about Cyclist Website"
  • More on the Fell Street Arco Changes from BIKE NOPA and Bay Citizen
  • SUV Designer Who Expressed Regrets Killed While Riding His Bicycle (NYT)
  • Illinois Governor Signs Bicycle Safety Bill into Law (WLS-TV)
  • San Mateo Daily Journal: "Vision for El Camino Takes Form"
  • Firms Developing Visual Applications to Help Pedestrians Distracted by Phones (SF Gate
  • US Spends Billions
    on Oil Subsidies
    ; Americans Paying Lowest
    Gas Taxes
    in History (NYT, USA Today)
  • Nick

    Re: Bicyclist Stabbed

    Not to be an alarmist, but what if cyclists are being targeting based on their mode of transportation?

    SF has had 2 unsolved homicides against bike commuters over the past couple of years. Jordan McKay in the Richmond ditrcit and Jennifer Merrit in the OMI.

    Are people not statisfied with yelling profanites and swerving at people riding in the street? Must they go one step further and stab them too? Or shoot them?

    It’s troubling SFPD is not more aggressive in stopping violence against cyclists. Imagine the outrage if they didn’t investigate crimes against gays because they didn’t fit into their worldview!