City of San Mateo Bicycle Master Plan Community Workshop

"San Mateo, Calif. — The City of San Mateo’s Department of Public Works is holding its first community workshop for the development of the City of San Mateo Bikeways Master Plan – a critical planning document that will help determine bicycling paths in San Mateo for years to come. Public Works is seeking broad community input.

The purpose of the plan is to develop safe and convenient bike routes with sufficient north-south and east-west connectivity, to develop support and educational programs, and to encourage bicycling for a better environment.  “A complete and consistent bicycle network is key to promoting bicycling in the community in support of our Sustainability Action Plan goal to increase pedestrian and bicycle travel to 30% for trips of one mile or less by 2020”, says Larry Patterson, San Mateo Public Works Director.

The City invites community members to attend the workshop to learn about the plan and how to contribute towards the development of a complete bicycle network.  The workshop will include a presentation from Alta Planning + Design, the consultant hired to assist the City with the development of the plan.  The consultant team will explain the planning process and gather information from the public about where they like bicycling, problem areas, and where they would like to bicycle but are not comfortable doing so."


San Mateo County to Appoint Five-Member Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

Last week, San Mateo County established a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). Its stated mission: to improve public health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and extend mobility for children, seniors, people with disabilities, and those who live in disadvantaged communities. The committee’s five volunteer members will be charged with providing recommendations not only to the county’s Board of […]

San Mateo Adopts Vision Zero and LOS Reform With Sustainable Streets Plan

With the adoption of its Sustainable Streets Plan on Tuesday, San Mateo’s City Council has embraced several major transportation policy reforms, including Vision Zero and reforming car-oriented street design and development practices. The Sustainable Streets Plan lays out detailed design guidelines for complete streets, envisioning “a transportation system that is sustainable, safe, and healthy and supports […]