Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrain Will Issue Written Apology for Yesterday’s Long Delays (Merc, SF Gate)
  • And There Were More Delays This Morning (SF Examiner, Merc)
  • Muni Issues an Official Date for Phase Out of Fast Passes (SF Examiner, BCN via CBS5)
  • NY Times Endorses New Federal Safety Regs for Transit
  • Woman, 79, Killed by Driver While Walking Dog in San Jose was an Opera Singer (Merc)
  • Marc Salomon: Local Efforts to Reform CEQA Are "Ill Conceived" (Fog City Journal
  • MTC Awards $7.3 Million in "Livable Communities" Grants (BCN via The Appeal)
  • SFPD Begins Trial of Segway-like "Electric Stand-up Vehicles" (Fog City Journal, Chuck Nevius)
  • "Momentum for Revitalized Arts District" in Mid-Market (NY Times/Bay Citizen)
  • Winners Announced in Central Subway Public Arts Competition (SFist)
  • SMART Fails in Bid to Win MTC Funding for Rail Line and Pedestrian Path (Marin IJ)
  • NYT Op-Ed: Feds Sank Billions Into GM’s Electric Lemon, the Volt
  • BIXI Bikes Make Their Debut in Toronto (Blogto)
  • Yesterday was a rough one for Caltrain, thankfully I only had to go to Redwood city so I was only 35 min late to work. Trains were still 10-20 min late on the commute home.

    And then today again. When it rains, it pours.

  • The apology leaflets accomplish nothing but the waste of paper. They should apologize for printing them out.

  • John M, the apology for the apology is already in queue at the printers.

  • Nick

    Re: MUNI phasing out Paper Fast Passes

    Is MUNI phasing out the free BART option with the $70 fast pass? The Examiner article danced around the subject.