San Francisco’s Godspeed Courier Gets a Close Up

The wonderful filmmakers at California is a Place have done another short about bicycles in the Bay Area, this one focused on Godspeed Courier in San Francisco. As they did in Scrapertown, filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari have captured a small vignette of a distinctive addition to bicycling in California with a beautiful eye. Check it out on their website for better watching.

  • Speaking of biking thru the Broadway tunnel.

    They do some great videos. I can’t wait to get back to the city and bike home.

  • UrbanReason

    Beautiful video, but jesus christ – I got like seven traffic violation tickets just watching this.

  • UrbanReason, just the bike form of a taxi. You have a places to be in a certain amount of time. Not like the video was a public service announcement on how to obey traffic laws.

  • Wow, Murph, that’s a messed up video. I don’t think I would have shown the temerity the business man did, to be honest.

  • @Matthew if I were that business man I would have kicked that kid’s butt.

  • Brandon is a really nice guy in person, and he takes his job very seriously. Great video!

  • How Murph, don’t know what to say about that. I’m actually surprised by the business man too – his reaction and the fact that he didn’t fracture his skull.

    Check both ways, even on a one way.

  • EJ

    How many pedestrians does he knock over per day?

  • mike

    Cool vid, but riding on the sidewalk in the B-way Tunnel? Ride the road, man. Feel the roar of the dragon….(and don’t run over the lil old ladies)

  • Heh, as a former bike messenger (Western Mess, 88-91, until I blew my knee out), this takes me back. I hated the Broadway tunnel. It was the most frightening place in the city to ride, imo. Even the time my brake cable snapped going down Cali St. didn’t bother me as much.

  • @James, I agree about Broadway. I ride my bike on the sidewalk there too, but am always slow, polite and apologetic with pedestrians. Most of them are happy to let me pass. We’ve written about Broadway as one of SF’s meanest streets to bike:

    On another note, I have nothing but respect for those Godspeed guys. I use them anytime I need something delivered, and they are very efficient.

  • James

    And look, his bike has brakes *and* multiple gears. A real professional.


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