Today’s Headlines

  • Man Stabbed on Muni Bus in Sunset Will Survive, Cops Seeking Suspect (Examiner, BCN via Appeal)
  • New Clipper Card Fare Gates at Civic Center Muni Metro Station (Examiner)
  • SF Does Even More to Promote Car Sharing (SF Gate)
  • Treasure Island Development Set to Begin (Examiner)
  • More on NYC’s Landmark Pedestrian Safety Study (NYC Streetsblog)
  • SF Better Than NYC, in Parking Policy at Least (SF Weekly)
  • New Airlines Bolster SFO Travel Numbers (Examiner)
  • Child Abuse Reportedly Cause of BART Delay Last Night (BCN via Appeal)
  • Bay Area Transportation Building Boom is Surprising Given Economy (Merc)
  • Lost Driver Talking on Cell Phone Drives into River, Drowns (SF Gate)
  • Man Falls From SUV Runner Board, Dies (SF Gate)
  • Paint Shortage Showing on South Bay Streets (Merc)
  • LA Mayor Villaraigosa Supports Tougher Laws to Protect Cyclists (Merc)
  • Senator John McCain Amendment Prevents Bike Parking at Airports (Bike Portland)
  • This one caught my eye this morning. From reading it, you’d one would have to trade their first born for the right to drive in the city.

    “While San Francisco may make life tough on car owners, it’s working to give people who car share a boost.”

    And this gem – she “wrestled” her bike out? Come on, dude. Objectivity lost on you??

    “I wouldn’t own a car here, parking is so bad,” she said as she wrestled her bicycle out of the back of her City CarShare Toyota Prius. “I’ve used (car share) for two years, and it’s all I need.”

  • Mike

    Is there any memorial planned for Nils Linke? Put some flowers out there if you can as his family can’t.

  • Sean

    Re: “wrestled”

    Sounds about right — I’ve only once loaded my bike into a car (my finacee’s Honda Civic). Even after removing the front tire it was still pretty tough to get in and out.