Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrain Passengers Voice Opinion on Cuts (KCBS)
  • Appeal Filed Against City Place Mall on Market St. (Examiner, SocketSite)
  • More on Lawsuit Against NE Embarcadero Study (SF Gate)
  • Penguin Theme for this Weekend’s Sunday Streets (Examiner)
  • SF’s Top Development Official, Michael Cohen, to Retire (Examiner)
  • Supervisor Elsbernd Scoring Political Victories Against Unions (WSJ)
  • Majority of Californians Support AB 32, Including 62 Percent of Angelinos (WSJ)
  • AC Transit Board Appeals Arbitration Ruling (CBS)
  • Crackdown on Distracted Driving (CoCo Times)
  • Mr. Roadshow Asks Drivers Why They Continue to Use Cell Phones Despite Danger
  • Older FasTrak Transponders Have Sex Chat Number on Them (CBS, ABC)
  • Hybrid Sales in Bay Area Dip (WSJ)
  • Portland Planners Building Support for SF-Style Parklets (Bike Portland)
  • Sexy, Expensive Bike Folds Into Attractive Leather Bag (Wallpaper)
  • The WSJ article on Hybrid Sales is a BS article. It built its story upon part truth. It is base on the dip on the absolute number but no mention on how it is doing relative to other non-hybrid cars. As far as I know everything is down due to the economy. The decline of bay area’s market share with respect to US is a joke. It is a good sign of wide scale adoption!! How much percentage do you thing bay area has on iPhone? I bet it is lot lower than 6%. If bay area’s market share is 50% I am really going to dismiss it as a niche product.

  • @Mr Roadshow, I had to drive today for work. Coming back to the office, down Farm Hill Rd from 280 towards RWC, the lady next to me had her headphones in and was texting on her iPhone the ENTIRE stretch of road. And if you’ve ever been on that road, it isn’t some straight shot – tons of curves and blind corners. So thankful that no pedestrians were trying to cross because I doubt she would have seen anyone. What do you do? I thought about talking to her at a stop light, but with her headphones on it would have been an effort just to get her attention – let alone impart some knowledge on the risk she was putting everyone and herself in.

  • On this same drive, I caught the last 5 min of this on Forum.

    Audio isn’t up yet.

  • Sean Elsbernd is fired up. Until he takes his valiums before goint to the Caltrain JPB meetings.

  • This is a great opinion piece in the Chron.

  • Rita Campos – Probation

  • John, don’t forget the $170 fine.

    No classes? No community service?