Streetsblog San Francisco is Taking a Late Summer Vacation

duboce-mural-troy-holden-small_1.jpgFlickr photo: Troy Holden

Starting tomorrow, we’re taking a late summer vacation from publishing Streetsblog San Francisco. We’ll resume our regular publishing schedule on September 7th. We hope you enjoy your Labor Day holiday and for the many of you going up to Burning Man for the Metropolis themed festivities, we hope you have fun and travel safely. See you back here soon.

  • I must say, you will be missed. I guess I’ll just walk around talking about transit to myself for a week.

  • Noooooo!…. I mean, enjoy your vacation, but Nooooooo….!

  • Hope you have a relaxing vacation!

  • Have a good one! I’ll miss the updates …

    You’ll be back just in time for the appeal of the EIR for Cityplace at the Board of Supes. Speaking of Cityplace, anyone want to bet that if Cityplace gets built that either Ross and/or Marshalls will move into Cityplace and vacate their spaces a la Virgin Music?

  • You mean you’re not one of those people who work while on vacation? No checked e-mails? No checking voice-mail? You mean you’re not addicted to checking in at midnight?

  • While waiting for more Streetsblog coverage, you can get a dose complete streets watching this video of fabulous Dutch bicycle infrastructure:

    One thing I noticed watching this video–where cars and bicycles are expected to share the road, the speed limit for cars is under 20 mph. Where car speeds are higher, bicycles have their own physically-separated bike lanes. So, in order to provide for the safety of all users of our streets in San Francisco, we clearly should lower the speed limit of any street without physically-separated bike lanes to 20 mph. Then, as bike lanes are put on a street, the speed limit can be raised back again. (However, most neighborhood non-arterial streets probably shouldn’t have a speed limit above 20 mph anyway.)

  • For more things to do during the Streetsblog vacation, check out the latest from Dmitry Orlov for a highly readable summation of our quandary with Peak Oil:

    (If you think the subject of Peak Oil and dry humor don’t go well together, Orlov will convince you otherwise.)

  • taomom, looking forward to reading that.

    Also, something to chew on:

  • Mike,

    Thanks for the link.

    One of the benefits of Peak Oil, I suppose, is that it will render the hunt for parking spaces obsolete . . .

  • taomom, that was a really good read by the way.


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