SPUR Exibit: DIY Urbanism Opening Party


the onset of the "great recession" in 2008, San Francisco, like many
American cities, has struggled through a period of economic decline and
drastically reduced public resources. Fortunately for San Francisco, a
city with a long history of entrepreneurship and social activism,
citizens have displayed great wherewithal and ingenuity in the face of
budgetary stalemates—resulting in an outpouring of innovative
do-it-yourself projects ranging from activating stalled construction
sites, to constructing temporary public plazas and parks at street
intersections, to designing pop-up storefronts, to creating a national
forest in the heart of the Tenderloin.

DIY Urbanism
provides a snapshot of this burgeoning and distinctively local
movement, and explores the meeting grounds between the bottom-up
approach of DIY urbanists and the traditional top-down planning


What Drives the Google Bus?

Forget measuring carbon emissions and counting blocked Muni buses. The real meaning of the Google bus is the deeper illness it reveals – a co-dependent relationship in which sprawl and gentrification reinforce each other. Tech companies don’t run buses just to please their city-loving engineers. Silicon Valley land use makes them do it. The Valley’s […]

John Norquist: “Time to Talk About a Freeway-Free San Francisco”

San Francisco is considered one of the leading American cities in the growing movement to tear down freeways. Fortunately, San Franciscans got a head start by averting the freeway-riddled fate of most other American cities in the 20th century by successfully protesting the construction of most of the proposed structures, which would have torn apart […]
Rally to save 'Car-Free JFK' held in February. Photo: Sergio Ruiz

The Museums Want One More Crack at Ending Car Free Streets

The San Francisco Examiner reports that a new ballot measure has been filed with the City of San Francisco, which its proponents are calling “Access for All.” If successful, the measure would: Reverse the Supervisors’ April decision to create a permanent car-free JFK in Golden Gate Park Undo the bans on motor vehicles along stretches […]