Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Operators Get Federal Maintenance Funds (Bay Citizen, Examiner, Fast Lane)
  • More on the Gains from Muni’s Sick Leave Policy (CBS)
  • SF District 8 Candidates Spar Over Position on Muni Reform Measure (SFist)
  • VTA Offers Commuter Express Service (CBS, ABC)
  • Some Riders Rave Over WiFi on VTA Express Trains (Merc)
  • ABC Looks at BART’s Use of Data and “Augemented Reality.”
  • Mehserle Lawyer Seeks Second Trial in BART Slay (CBS, CoCo Times, ABC)
  • Public Hearing on Road Closure in Presidio Today (Examiner)
  • Pedestrian Death on Caltrain Likely Suicide (CoCo Times, Examiner)
  • Peninsula Cities Sue, Again, to Stop High Speed Rail (Merc)
  • San Jose Drunk Driver Gets 15 Years for Killing 2 Teens (Merc)
  • Cities Responsible for Bay Pollution, Plastic Bags Newest Culprit (SF Gate)
  • Re SFGate Bay Pollution:

    “Efforts are also under way to slash the most visible types of contamination: cigarette butts, Styrofoam packaging and plastic bags.”

    One thing I’d love to see around the city, but especially North Beach, is a concerted effort to control the cigarette butts. Walking around NB on a Saturday or Sunday morning, all you see is a sea of white specs all over the ground and filling the gutters. I hope to work with the North Beach Chamber in the coming months to have bars put out ashtrays. Also, I have just started blatantly calling people out for tossing their butts (they are littering). The streets are our collective living room and we should all take care of it.