UC Berkeley Lecture: Understanding and Influencing Sustainable Behaviors

From UC Berkeley:

Understanding and Influencing Sustainable Behaviors:: Promoting energy conservation, recycling, and alternative transportation

What drives people to behave in sustainable ways? What policies can be enacted to promote more sustainable behavior? How can we determine what policies are most effective? These questions can be addressed with the behavioral research described in this talk. The talk has three parts. First, Professor Walker will describe creative approaches to promote sustainable behaviors in energy, recycling, and transportation. Second, she will explain the statistical models she uses to analyze behavior. Finally, she will discuss a behavioral experiment that aimed to measure what impact it had on people’s transportation choices to provide them with information on GHG emissions.


MTC Adopts Aggressive 15 Percent Target for Reducing Emissions by 2035

Photo: Keenahn The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), in a historic vote Wednesday that will help guide the future for more sustainable land use and transportation planning in the Bay Area, recommended a 15 percent per capita target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2035, the most aggressive goal to date among California’s metropolitan planning […]

A Decidedly Dim View of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are all the rage these days and the press seems to treat them as a palliative for all that ails our fossil-fuel-driven, automobile-dependent transportation network.  The New York Times has fallen in love with Better Place, an electric-car battery maker that seeks to replace much of the U.S. fleet of vehicles with […]