Today’s Headlines

  • Props 22, 25, 26  Could “Help and Hinder” State Budget Process in Sacramento (Sac Bee, LAT)
  • Steinberg Hints that Mid-Term Budget Session is Likely for Legislature (SF Gate)
  • Tom Hayden: California Really Poised to Lead Country to a Green Future (LAT)
  • With Rejection of Prop 21, State Parks Officials Struggle to Find Solutions (SF Gate)
  • Scramble Begins at SF City Hall to Pick a New Mayor (SF Gate)
  • Robert Raburn says His East Bay BART Board Victory Was Referendum on OAC (Bay Citizen)
  • James Fang Retains BART Board Seat in SF and Still Talking Up BART to Beach (BCN via The Appeal)
  • Portland’s Rob Sadowsky: Sustainable Transportation Vision Can Cross Party Lines (BTA Blog)
  • Republicans Could Jeopardize High-Speed Rail Funding (Merc)
  • New Caltrain Study Claims Bumping of Bicyclists “Rarely Happens” (Merc)
  • David Byrne Discovers That Getting a Parking Perk Is a Piece of Cake (Gothamist via Sblog NY)

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