SPUR Housing Committee Meeting


San Francisco has become one of the most expensive cities in the country. The cost of living here is driving out the city’s cultural diversity. For the vast majority of the people affected, the problem can only be addressed through a dramatic expansion of the supply of housing. SPUR’s Housing Committee has the job of proposing policy changes that will increase the supply — and bring down the cost — of housing. It has put forward a series of policy papers that point the way out of the crisis. Work continues on this task of generating ideas that can be implemented today, on a local level.


SPUR: Next Steps for Greening Multifamily Housing

From SPUR: Image credit: Flickr user Diana Marsh Existing multifamily buildings, especially affordable multifamily housing, tend to fall through the cracks with respect to state-funded energy efficiency and greening programs. But a new report from the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville, and new efforts spearheaded by the California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC), works towards helping […]

SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Building rental housing in San Francisco

From SPUR: It’s been a tough few years for new construction. One exciting development on the horizon is an increase in rental housing starts. What are the prospects for new rental housing development in San Francisco? What financing options are now available for developing rental housing and accessing FHA-insured loans? Join us for a panel discussion including lenders, developers and representatives from […]