Today’s Headlines

  • CA Gets OH and WI High Speed Rail Money (NY Times, SF Gate, KCBS, Fast Lane)
  • Feds Indicate Funds Should Extend Initial Segment to Bakersfield (KALW, Transport Politic, CAHSR Blog)
  • Bicycling Up 58 Percent in San Francisco Since 2006 (SF Gate)
  • Muni Seeks Solution for Short-Turn Runs that Leave Passengers in the Cold (Examiner, SF Weekly)
  • Investigation into Ingleside Station Politically Motivated Parking Ticket Decrease (CBS)
  • Oakland Chinatown Residents Work to Be Included in BART Lake Merritt Plan (Oakbook)
  • Was Rohnert Park Teen Texting When She Mowed Down Mother, Child in Crosswalk? (Press Dem)
  • Australia Threatens to Fine Bike Shops at Least $1 Million for Selling Fixies (The Age)
  • This is News? Why do Car Wheels Appear to Spin Backwards on TV Ads? (CBS)