Caltrans D4 Bicycle Advisory Commitee Meeting

From SVBC:

The quarterly Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting will kick of the new year on January 19th at the district 4 offices in Oakland.

Issues of concern to San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties include:

  1. Redwood Shore Parkway to Northbound US 101 in San Mateo County
  2. Skyline Drive/Skyridge Drive in San Mateo County
  3. Bikeway signage to Dumbarton Bridge
  4. Alpine Rd at I-280 in San Mateo County


Bike Advocates Seek to Reform Obscure Caltrans Committee

For decades, a little known Caltrans advisory committee dominated by highway and automobile interests has been setting the design standards for signs, signals and pavement markings for California’s urban streets. If a city wants a green bike lane, it has to be approved by the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC), which also develops the […]