Fremont Bicycle Advisory Committee Mtg

From EBBC:


  • 5.1 Effective Cycling Program

    Wynn Kageyama of Cycles of Change will make a presentation on how to safely increase bicycle
    trips using scientific methods. Wynn will discuss why students are not bicycling to school, provide
    information of Fremont bicycle accidents data and present programs that could reduce bicycle
    accident rates and increase bicycle trips.

  • 5.2 Fremont Bicycle Master Plan Update

    The City of Fremont is currently updating the City’s Bicycle Master Plan. The City’s Consultant,
    Alta Planning and Design will introduce the Fremont Bicycle Master Plan update, its purpose
    and schedule. The presentation will include input to the Draft Fremont Bicycle Master Plan
    Updated Vision, Goals and Policies memo. The BPTAC and the public will also review existing


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