Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

From EBBC:


  • Introductions, appointment of note taker (5 minutes)
  • Approval of meeting minutes (consent item) (5 minutes)
  • Vote on motion to adopt the December meeting minutes.
  • City of Oakland Crosswalk Policy (25 minutes)—Joe Wang, Supervising Transportation Engineer, will present the City’s crosswalk policy, revised since last presented to the committee (October 2010, see minutes). Joe will summarize changes and answer questions.
  • 27th St/Bay Place bikeway design elements review Attachment (25 minutes)—Staff will describe the rationale for, and request input on, two potential changes to the bikeway striping plan for 27th St/Bay Place (Broadway-Grand Ave), both of which would promote single file lane sharing: (1) removing the shared bike-through/right turn pocket on eastbound 27th St, approaching Harrison St; and (2) reallocating lane widths on Bay Place.
  • MacArthur Blvd (High St to Enos Ave) bikeway design review (25 minutes)—Staff will present and take comments on the design of the first bikeway segment being developed for implementation based on the LAMMPS (Laurel Access to Mills, Maxwell Park & Seminary) Community Based Transportation Plan.
  • Projects for FY 2011-12 TDA Article 3 Bike/Ped funding Attachment (25 minutes)—The committee will brainstorm a long list of possible projects and provide preliminary input on priorities for funding.
  • Announcements, suggestions for next meeting topics (10 minutes)


Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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East Bay BRT Station Design Community Meetings

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Oakland Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BART car design review)

Agenda [pdf] On the agenda: New BART car design: Aaron Weinstein, BART’s Chief Communications Officer, will solicit input on the design of BART’s Fleet of the Future Oakland Complete Streets Policy – upcoming City Council ordinance staff report 40th St green “super sharrows” bikeway design experiment – staff report Street resurfacing/bikeway striping overview – staff report

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