Kia Car Ad Touts Bike-Friendly Attitude

A new Canadian television ad for the Kia Sportage, filmed in San Francisco’s Financial District, markets an attitude of acceptance about the responsibility of sharing the road with bicycles. It’s quite a contrast from the conventional image of cars as an embodiment of power and dominance.

While the ad encourages drivers to share the road, it still reassures them that the car is “perfectly capable of ‘owning'” it, and its slogan suggesting that driving is a part of any real change does sound a lot like greenwashing.

It is refreshing, however, to see a car manufacturer’s marketing strategy that acknowledges the impacts of automobiles on the safety of cycling and prominently features San Francisco’s sharrow markings.



And America’s Most Toxic Car Ad Is…

Chevrolet's ad for the 2015 Colorado had claimed the title of America's Most Toxic Car Ad — but it's only the tip of a much larger toxic iceberg. In a decisive championship win, this bad ad won 64 percent of the vote over a rival Dodge spot, and pretty much lost whatever respect Chevy might have had from the Streetsblog audience. And in a way, it's not much of a surprise...because it's basically a look under the hood of how all automakers manipulate their customers into buying machines that kill. Here's how they do it.