Today’s Headlines

  • Speculation Begins on Replacement for SFMTA Chief Nat Ford (SF Gate)
  • Muni Disputes State Report on Safety Violations (SF Gate)
  • Operators, Union Want Safety Inspections Expanded to Buses (SF Examiner)
  • Mercury News: “Ideas Abound for High-Speed Rail Routes Through Altamont Corridor”
  • Bay Citizen Hires a Consultant to Test Bacteria Found on BART Seats
  • Driver Sought in Hit-and-Run That Seriously Injured Pedestrian on Market St. (SF Examiner)
  • Coco Times Editorial: “Too Many Transit Agencies in the Bay Area”
  • Safe Passage Rail Project Begins at San Jose Site Where 2-year-old Died (Merc)
  • The Post Will Not Stop Until Janette Sadik-Khan Loses Her Job (via Streetsblog NY)

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