Pro bono design: Transforming the built environment

From SPUR:

Pro bono design is changing the lives and livelihoods of America’s nonprofits. Join Public Architecture Founder & President John Peterson for a panel discussion to explore the role of pro bono service in professional design practice. Two local projects will be highlighted: the Randall Overlook and the clinics of Golden Gate Community Health. Featured in Public Architecture’s new book, The Power of Pro Bono: 40 Stories of Design for the Public Good by Architects and their Clients, these projects show the substantive impact pro bono service can have on an organization as well as a community. We will be joined by Principal, Marc L’Italien, of EHDD Architecture and his client, Chris Boettcher, Executive Director of the Randall Museum, as well architect, Anne Fougeron, and her longtime client, Therese Wilson, of Golden Gate Community Health.


Poof! San Francisco’s Mason Street Has Become a Temporary Park

Cross sections of tree stumps for seating on Mason Street. Photo: SurfaceWork A coalition of community volunteers, pro-bono landscape architects and personnel from several city agencies this weekend swooped in to North Beach to transform the roadway of Mason Street between Columbus Avenue and Lombard Street into a temporary park in conjunction with the two-month […]