SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Schedule and Agenda

Infrastructure Impact Fees
Sale of Phelan Loop for redevelopment
Lease – ParkWide Activities, LLC – Master Bike Rental Concession Operation
Planning Code amendments
Introducing approvals for Parkmerced  redevelopment


The Death of Redevelopment

From SPUR: On December 20, the California Supreme Court upheld the legislature’s elimination of redevelopment. Redevelopment has had a complicated history in the State of California. While redevelopment has enabled the construction of affordable housing, infrastructure and public amenities it has also been used to fund less worthy projects. What does the death of redevelopment […]

What’s next for redevelopment in California?

From SPUR: With the Governor’s proposed elimination of redevelopment agencies hanging in the balance and a number of competing proposals changing by the day, cities have been left to manage the transition of projects and authority to successor agencies. Join us as we discuss what comes next for redevelopment in California cities with Fred Blackwell of […]

AEP Talk: The Future of Redevelopment in California

From AEP: Since the dissolution of the redevelopment agencies in California, environmental planners have wondered what the future of Brownfield and infill development may be. For our November event, we’ll have the opportunity to hear from three local redevelopment leaders as they discuss how redevelopment projects have changed since the dissolution of the redevelopment agencies, […]

Governor Jerry Brown Proposes Elimination of Redevelopment Agencies

The following story is republished with permission from the California Planning and Development Report. Streetsblog SF will be following this story in the coming weeks as it develops. As expected, the budget proposed today by Governor Jerry Brown budget calls for the wholesale elimination of redevelopment agencies.  This dramatic move would free up roughly $5 billion in […]

The Future of Redevelopment

From SPUR, and co-sponsored by Bay Citizen: Gov. Jerry Brown shocked local governments with his proposal to eliminate all of the state’s 425 redevelopment agencies. Most city leaders vehemently oppose the plan, which the governor says would free up money for schools and other services. Join SPUR and The Bay Citizen for a debate on […]

SF Redevelopment Agency Meeting

WHEN:4pm WHERE:City Hall, Room 416, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco. Adopting Environmental Findings and a Statement of Overriding Considerations pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act for the Visitation Valley Redevelopment Program; Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Survey Area.