Tenderloin Transit-Oriented Housing Development Gets Boost From MTC

Image: ##http://www.dbarchitect.com/project_detail/141/Eddy%20%2B%20Taylor%20Family%20Housing.html##David Baker + Partners Architects##

The Tenderloin could see a 14-story mixed-use building replace a parking lot within the next few years. Developers hoping to bring new affordable housing and space for a much-needed grocery store to the neighborhood received a $10 million funding commitment from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) today.

“We will transform this part of the Tenderloin,” said Donald Falk, executive director of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), which is developing the planned Eddy and Taylor Family Housing building. “This is not just smart growth in the conventional sense. Four-hundred people will have a place to call home, with zero parking, because we’re two blocks from Market Street and Muni.”

The development at 168 Eddy Street would provide 153 new apartments reserved for low-income families and space for a 12,000-foot street-level grocery store. It would help quell some of the high demand for affordable housing in the neighborhood, where valuable lots used to park cars diminish the urban fabric despite very low car ownership. Bringing the first full-sized grocery market to the neighborhood would also provide access to healthy food options within walkable distances.

The MTC’s contribution was allocated to the $50 million Transit Oriented Affordable Housing Fund (TOAHF) through its Transportation for Livable Communities program along with a collection of other private and public investors. The construction of up to 3,800 low-income housing units in the Bay Area is expected be aided by the TOAHF.

The Livable Communities program falls in line with the Sustainable Communities Strategy currently being developed by the MTC, which aims to locate new housing near convenient public transportation options in order to reduce automobile dependency. Prioritizing transit-oriented development is key in reaching the MTC’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent while significantly reducing the cost of living for families.

Falk said construction on the site could start as early as 2013 after further funding is secured.

The site is currently a parking lot. Photo: Aaron Bialick
  • Evan

    Yay! I live just up Taylor and walk by this spot all the time. It’s SOO close to Union Square and so much awesome stuff nearby, it’s a shame to just have a giant parking lot there.

  • Dave

    Meanwhile, UC-Hastings recently finished building a multi-story parking garage in the Tenderloin.

  • Nick

    What would Chris Daly think of this project? Does it even matter?

  • Chris Daly has ceased to have relevance.

  • Usagi

    My question is, how low income do you have to be? 5 kids and no jobs? How about those of us that have jobs but can’t rent a $1000+ place because they want us to make 3 times the rent amount a month?

  • xderloin

    I used to live on that block of Taylor and still live in the TL. I look forward to changing my route home to include a grocery stop! WINNING

  • GrannyGear

    There was a small store on the corner of 18th & Mission, and when that corner was developed and the store closed for awhile, part of their deal was to return into a much larger store, a small supermarket if you will, fresh produce, all kinds, one whole long aisle on both sides, and a meat, poultry and fish market. This is EXACTLY the kind of store we need in the Tenderloin. Very decent prices.

    When I mentioned it to the owner there, she told me she was born in the TL and her mother still lives here!

    I travel to that supermarket from the TL.

  • The only problem i can see is that with the new buildings would bring more people and more vehicles so where are they going to park if this is built?

  • Athenanpantazis

    I live in the area. This would help in reitalizing this area. A grocery store would mean better prices and selections and most importantly we would not have to pass through the dealers and crackheads that accumilate @ the liquor stores in the neighborhood. Affordable housing brings in families with children who will one day be outstanding in our neighboorhood.

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  • Anonymous

    On second thought… what are they thinking building MORE low-income housing in the TL?  They need to build more low income housing in Noe Valley and Forrest Hills but a loophole in the zoning laws allows developers to pay off the city to get around the requirement to build a percentage of low income housing in specific areas. The TL is becoming a garbage dump for the disenfranchised and the city is allowing it’s most central and tourist trodden hood fall to pieces. Shame!!


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