A Frugal Cyclist’s Guide to the Universe: Travels with Willie Weir

From EBBC:

Author, public radio commentator, and columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine, Willie Weir has cycled more than 60,000 miles throughout the world. Some may call him cheap, frugal, a tightwad, or an initiator of kindness, but everyone agrees he knows how to get the most bang for his buck when it comes to traveling the globe, be it protesting an over-priced fish dinner, knocking on doors for free lodging, or giving the world’s cheapest engagement ring. Tonight, Willie will bring to life tales from his latest book, Travels with Willie–hilarious tales that will leave you wanting to quit your day job and hit the road. Thanks to Willie’s generous donation of a portion of his book proceeds from these events, two Bay Area nonprofit organizations will benefit–East Bay Bicycle Coalition and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

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WOBO Presents: An Evening With Willie Weir

"Willie Weir, world-traveling cyclist, author, and columnist in Adventure Cycling magazine, is coming to Oakland! Call him cheap, frugal, a tightwad or an initiator of kindness, Willie Weir knows how to get the most bang for his bucks when it comes to traveling the world – whether it’s giving the world’s cheapest engagement ring, protesting […]

The Chron Still a Podium for Willie Brown’s Anti-Bike, Pro-Freeway Garbage

Willie Brown’s successors don’t look so bad when reading the former mayor’s windshield perspective drivel in his latest Chronicle column. It’s hard to imagine San Franciscans once again electing a mayor who responds to a spate of pedestrian injuries by lambasting everything but the primary cause: reckless driving. But according to yesterday’s column from the increasingly out-of-touch Brown, […]

WOBO Presents: An Evening with Willie Weir

"Head across the Bay for a Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (WOBO) fundraiser featuring Willie Weir, world-traveling cyclist, author, and Adventure Cycling columnist. Hear tales from Travels with Willie, which Bicycling magazine says, ‘…is one of the rare bike books that gets it right.’"