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## Donate $25 or more right now## and qualify to win a beautiful new PUBLIC Bike. Photo courtesy of ## Bikes.##

We’re entering the final hours of our summer fundraising campaign and we really need your help to meet our goal!

If you value the high-impact advocacy journalism we produce at Streetsblog San Francisco, please donate $50, $100 or $1,000 right now to help us raise $25,000 by midnight tomorrow.


Just yesterday, we brought you the surprising and disappointing news that the city is killing a planned road diet for Cesar Chavez Street. Our recent coverage of one of SoMa’s most dangerous intersections has elevated the discussion on much-needed improvements for that neighborhood. My interview with the Mayor earlier this year helped make protected bikeways on Fell and Oak streets a priority for the SFMTA.  Those are just some of many high-impact stories we’ve recently produced at Streetsblog San Francisco.

For those of you who have already donated, thank you! Here’s what some of our donors are saying about Streetsblog San Francisco:

“You’re continually asking the questions: “What are our streets for?” “How can they be better for people?” Asking the questions demands answers and spurs action. Thank you!” -E.S.

“I support Streetsblog because it is by far the best news source for not only local news relating to transportation and urban growth that impacts my everyday life biking to work and enjoying the streets of San Francisco, but also national and federal government news that will impact my lifestyle in the future. Thank you for the excellent reporting.” -K.M.

“SF-specific transit/bike coverage I don’t find anywhere else. Thanks!” -H.L.


Please get your donation in right now to help us reach our goal by tomorrow at midnight!

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Donate $25 Now and Qualify to Win a Beautiful PUBLIC Bike

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