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  • mikesonn

    Was that Muni bus turning onto a 2-way street? It appears to have taken that corner very very sharply. Why is that?

  • I don’t understand why a bus was even turning up Hartford.  It’s a very narrow congested street that in my view shouldn’t even allow through car traffic at the 17th st end (bike and ped access only. People who live on the block would access via 18th.) The bus should have gone to Noe to make the turn. In addition, that intersection is full of pedestrians, especially on a Saturday afternoon. This woman clearly had the right of way, but even if the crosswalk had been entirely empty, the bus driver should have take the turn extremely slowly (slow enough to not kill anyone) because a pedestrian could pop out of nowhere at that intersection at any time.

    So we have

    1) bad design–Muni should never expect any bus to go down Hartford


    2) bad training or operational policies–in highly congested pedestrian areas, Muni should never make turns fast enough to kill someone on impact. Yes, this may mean traveling at 3 or 4 mph. (A good reason to limit turns in congested areas.)

  • mikesonn

    More food for thought. Does anyone know if using Clipper to pay bridge tolls is in the works? I don’t own a car so I don’t have a FasTrak, but I do have a Clipper card.