Global Inspiration for Livable Cities: A film series

From Greenbelt Alliance:

Global Inspiration for Livable Cities: a film series co-hosted by The Share Exchange and Greenbelt Alliance

Flicks, discussions & organic popcorn
Each Thursday in September, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
$5 general admission; $3 for Share Exchange members

Bogota: Building A Sustainable CityPortland: A Sense of Place and Seoul: The Stream of Consciousness

Kickoff event for Santa Rosa PARK(ing) Day!

The first film is about Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, who transformed one of the world’s most chaotic cities into a model of civic-minded and sustainable urban planning. But along the way, he met tremendous opposition from the very people he was attempting to help. (26 minutes).

The second film is about how a progressive public transportation portfolio helped Portland become a global model of transit-oriented development. Portland is consistently ranked as one of the country’s most livable cities, boasting a healthy two percent population growth annually — and the second lowest per capita transportation spending of the 28 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. (26 minutes).

The third film chronicles how Seoul took a rare step “back in time,” demolishing a major downtown freeway in 2003 to uncover and restore the ancient Cheonggyecheon stream that once flowed beneath it. The Cheonggyecheon is now a vital part of the city’s commercial and tourism sectors, and has proven that environmental restoration can revive culture and community, as well. (26 minutes)


This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, SPUR envisions 100,000 people per square mile and discusses parks as evolving artifacts, the streets repair bond measure goes before the SF Board of Supervisors, TransForum spotlights car-free adventures and heroes, and the San Jose Bike Party celebrates women who ride. Here are the highlights from the Streetsblog calendar: Monday: What would 100,000 people per square mile […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week’s Streetsblog Calendar starts off with a visit from one of the Livable Streets movement’s top luminaries, and ends with ice cream. Here are the week’s highlights. Tuesday: Sunday Streets to Great Streets: Enrique Peñalosa. Enrique Peñalosa will speak at a public forum about the future of San Francisco’s streets. Peñalosa is the former Mayor of […]

An Evening With Gil Peñalosa

From Greenbelt Alliance: Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear Gil Peñalosa, the former commissioner of Parks, Sports and Recreation for the City of Bogotá, Colombia. Peñalosa initiated car-free Sundays where over 1.3 million people come out weekly to walk, run, skate and bike along 121 kilometers of Bogotá’s city roads. Join us on Monday, June 4 for “An […]

Reinventing Our Cities Film Series Presents: Transportation Solutions

From Greenbelt Alliance: These short films will inspire you about alternatives to car transportation and how alternatives can improve city environment and people’s lives. Including “Guangzhou, China’s Winning the Future with BRT,” “LA’s Orange Line,” “Velo Liberte,” and “Cycling Copenhagen.” More information about the Reinventing Our Cities film series. This event does not require an […]

Rethinking Cities Film and Discussion Series

From SVBC: Part IV – Developing Sustainable Transportation: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Bicycle Infrastructure Watch a series of short films focused on transit and bikes: Curitiba’s BRT Inspired BRT Around the World. (Street Film) (8:03) 2009 Guangzhou, China’s Winning the Future with BRT. (Street Film) (5:18) 2011 BRT: LA’s Orange Line: Bus Rapid Transit […]

The Rise of Open Streets

Streetfilms has been documenting the open streets movement for over seven years, beginning with our landmark film in 2007 on Bogota’s Ciclovia, currently the most viewed Streetfilm of all time. The next year, Mike Lydon of The Street Plans Collaborative decided to get an open streets event going in Miami, which led to his research for The Open Streets […]