Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Driver Runs Over Bicyclist’s Arm, Drives Away (SF Examiner)
  • Bicyclist Hurt by Driver on Hwy 1 Near Davenport (Santa Cruz Patch)
  • Places With High Numbers of Cyclists are Safer for Pedestrians (Streetsblog NY)
  • Idaho Town Outlaws Texting for Pedestrians Crossing the Street (Desert News)
  • SFMTA Board Director Brinkman Wants City to Consider Speed Cams (City Insider)
  • Chuck Nevius on Free Muni for Young People: “Good Idea Needs More Thought”
  • Plans for Walnut Creek BART Transit Village “Back on Track” (Coco Times)
  • BART Board to Discuss Fare Increase Program, Financial Outlook (SF Exam)
  • Today is World Car-Free Day, Living in the O Writer Plans to Celebrate in a Taxi
  • Mayoral Candidate Phil Ting Offers $1,000 for Best Towing App (City Insider)
  • Oakland City Council Looks to Revamp Building Inspection (SF Gate)
  • Golden Gate Transit Expected to Approve WiFi for All Buses (SF Examiner)

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  • mikesonn

    Hey Chiu and Ting, there are over 440,000 parking spaces and only 150 towed vehicles. That is 0.03%. Maybe we could think about offering $1,000 to stop double parking (or saying that as mayor you’d make the SFPD do its job).

  • WiFi on VTA LRV’s, WiFi on GGT. What the hell is Caltrain’s problem.

  • Richard Mlynarik


    That’s easy: the usual titanic, world-beating, monumental agency staff incompetence which is characteristic of the agency.

    Customer wifi got bundled in a contract with video surveillance (let’s all score Vaterlandssicherdienst pork) and no-use-case agency communications “needs” and a ton of irrelevant crap, to the point where it collapsed under its own weight.

    You might also ask WTF Caltrain still doesn’t have real-time train arrival prediction, even though one high school student and a hardware budget of 30 smart phones could accomplish this within a week.  The answer: titanic, world-beating, monumental agency staff incompetence.

    Caltrain’s in-house morons decided to bundle train prediction as an ad-hoc, $4.237585 million dollar!!!!!!!! lard-fest add-on to their ad-hoc unique train dispatching catastrophe system (which was bid in an emergency because the vendor of their previous ad-hoc unique dispatching catastrophe system went out of business.)

    Death is simply too kind a fate for anybody involved in “managing” or “operating” or consulting for Caltrain.

  • The Greasybear

    Several friends are sounding the alarm today: SFPD is continuing its campaign to ticket as many bicyclists as possible along Market Street. Also continuing: no citations to motorists with dead pedestrians in crosswalks under their tires. 

    Critical Mass erupted here first, and I’m beginning to see why. It may again be time for cyclists to protest SFPD’s bias and harassment en masse.

  • Richard – that was a rhetorical question, but your welcome for me giving you a chance to vent again.

  • Andy

    they were ticketing cyclists at 12th and market.  ridiculous.

  • Yeah, I passed by a woman who was crying as she was getting ticketed with her bike on Market today.

  • Anonymous

    How about stopping for the red lights if you don’t want a ticket.

  • mikesonn

    How about going after road users who actually pose a risk to others?

  • peternatural

    How about getting daytime reflectors on your bike if you don’t want a ticket?

  • Masonic will be the death…

    To all those getting BS citations, take the time and fight it in court. The SFPD doesn’t issue auto citations because of the frequency of the driver to fight it in court, and pull the office off his/her beat to defend the citation (from an SFPD officer’s own mouth). It is time for cyclists to do the same thing. If the SFPD can’t focus on all dangerous operators, than we need to make it a hassle for them to continue this biased, opportunistic enforcement.

    Fight your tickets in court.

  • The Greasybear

    Yes, I agree with Masonic…cyclists should fight these tickets in court, just like motorists do, and make it a pain in the ass for SFPD to cite us–just like motorists do. SFPD claims they never saw a motorist break any law all day at 5th and Market on the day they started this harassment campaign, and the Good Captain claims this is all illusory. Motorists cause the most harm to the most road users, and they should be the first, second and third priorities for SFPD enforcement on Market Street.