Today’s Headlines

  • Man in Wheelchair Killed by Driver in Santa Clara Hit-and-Run (SF Gate, Merc)
  • Cyclist from Alameda Dies in Oakland Hills Collision (Oak Trib, SF Gate)
  • Moving Planet Day SF Rally Draws More than 1,000 People (SF Gate, KQED)
  • Religious Leaders Push Transit Discounts for Low-Income Communities (Merc)
  • MTC “Reiterates Desire to Move to San Francisco” (SF Examiner)
  • Chuck Nevius: Towing Vehicles “an Infuriating, Counterproductive Scam”
  • SFMTA Tests Underground Three-Car Muni Metro Trains (Bay Citizen)
  • Video Documents Building of Parklet in Front of fabric8 on 22nd (Curbed SF)
  • “Controversial Condo Plan Moves Forward” Amid City Hall Power Shift (Bay Citizen)
  • Closing Bay Trail Gaps “Slowed by Difficulty and Expense” (Bay Citizen)
  • Mr. Roadshow: “Bay Area Roads Awash in Trash”
  • GG Transit District Board Approves WiFi Plan for Buses (Marin IJ)

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  • mikesonn

    C.W. 150 cars are towed per day (give or take) and there are 440,000 parking spaces in the city. That is 0.03%, hardly a “scam”.

    Also, why is it the city’s responsibility to remind you that you have to move your car? Is it really that hard to set your own alarm?

  • John Murphy

    More to the point for Nevius – this whole thing blew up over Sunday Streets. Is he calling Sunday Streets a scam? Is he implying that we should not tow people for Sunday Streets?

  • 94103er

    The more column inches we give to this “there’s gotta be an app for that!” nonsense, the more of a clueless oaf we look like, collectively, as a city. First of all, just copy whatever they do in Chicago or New York or whatever. Boom, done. Second–who honestly thinks the old-guard complaining types who live in the NE have smart phones anyway???

    As for this supposed ‘scam’ the city has going, le sigh. Chuck, come over to the Mission sometime and see how well they’re enforcing the 4-6 pm tow-away lane on WB 18th. You’ll see a few tow trucks, sure, but people pull over and park right behind them! At least one kinda nice thing is that it’s a mostly clear lane for bikes during that time period….

    If you want to appease the tourist noobs who drive in SF, fine. Take some of that money and put in more of the SF Park smart meters, which I think are kind enough to remind you when a tow-away period starts. And maybe there could be a visible blinking light that appears on Saturday night preceding a tow-away event, too. 

    Pretty much no technology will help those who are willfully oblivious. On the upside, this means some people *are* really shouldering the cost of all this free parking we give away!