Today’s Headlines

  • A Park or a Parking Lot at 17th/Folsom? Are We Really Debating This? (SF Gate)
  • Chronicle Editorial: MTC Should Move to San Francisco
  • More on the MTC’s Potential Move to SF from Living in the O
  • Latest BART Protest Called by Anonymous Loses Steam (SF Examiner)
  • Assemblymember Tom Ammiano to Hold BART Police Hearings (SF Examiner)
  • Marin County Considering Renegotiating GG Transit Contract (Marin IJ)
  • Cyclist Killed by Driver in Solano County Identified as Robert White (Patch)
  • Pedestrian Suffers Broken Leg After Being Hit by Driver in Santa Clara (Mercury News)
  • David Chiu Legislation Would Curb ADA Suits Against Small Businesses (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Diaries Holding a “Reunion Show/Open Mic” Event at the Elbo Room Tomorrow

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  • icarus12

    Re: Building a park and public housing at 17th and Folsom in place of 220 current parking lot spots.

    “If we are really going to make the city into a family-friendly,
    walkable, safe place and really curb our reliance on private
    automobiles, we’ve got to start somewhere,” said Oscar Grande, a
    community organizer with People Organizing to Demand Environmental and
    Economic Rights, an advocacy group in the Mission. “This is how we
    begin.”No.  The problem with this approach is the failure to combine the loss of parking with realistic alternatives.  SFMTA’s desire to put in 1,200 parking meters with low rate/longterm parking should become a crucial part of this possible conversion from parking lot to park/housing.  A lot of people will not shop, go to classes, etc. outside their own neighborhood, if there is not some form of paid parking available.  Instead, they take their business to sites where some form of parking, free or paid, is available.I know others on this forum will disagree with me, but I will repeat it here: until we have FAST, unobstructed public transit (underground or dedicated road space, changed signaling to favor buses/trams, and about 1/3 of the present stops), we will not get people out of our cars.  We continue to eliminate parking without providing viable alternatives to many.  This isn’t pro-transit; it’s anti-car.

  • icarus12

    Re: Bicyclist Killed in Solano County:

    The wording of this article displays the writer’s complete disconnection from cycling and his/her view of the road as a place to “drive”.  A cyclist does not “drive” his mountain bike.  He rides it.  A cyclist is not “in” his vechicle.  He is on it.  Big Duh.  And why is it that cyclists must “share” the side of a highway where drivers routinely drive at 55 mph?  When I lived in Germany, nearly every two-lane highway had a separated bike trail alongside it, on both sides usually.  I get angry just reading about these killings.

  • 17th and Folsom is what, 3 blocks away from FAST, unobstructed public transit – underground?

    It’s also many many many blocks away from any park.

  • mikesonn

    Major fail on the BoS today with nearly all Supes throwing their support behind the CS.

  • JL

    What about the ongoing Central Subway debate? The project’s a good idea, but there is so much waste in the current plan that it doesn’t make sense to go forward with it. Time to rethink how we build the subway:

  • Davistrain

    I read the comments to the original article; one of the main concerns was that the park would soon be filled with “winos and weirdos”, dope dealers, and other riff-raff that would discourage normal citizens, especially families with children, from wanting to go near the place.  The presence of said riff-raff would also make walking
    from the BART station an unpleasant experience.

  • mikesonn

    Davistrain, you are aware of SFGate’s commenting policy, correct?

  • Davis – the people from Texas commenting on SFGate pretty much think that all of use are winos and weirdos.

  • Masonic will be the death…

    A recommendation to all, only read SFGate comments if you; A) have been drinking for quite a while and just need a good laugh, at the expense of others who lack basic comprehension of the “outside” world B) just really want to be know what a lot of out of staters like to say about San Francisco with their free time C) are in the giving mood and want to feed a few trolls.

    Just look at how many times the popular opinion on SFGate on any given issue actually manifests itself in real life (outside the interwebs) here in San Francisco, almost never. 

  • icarus12

    Hi murphstahoe, I guess I should have clarified what I meant about fast, unobstructed transit.  I love taking BART through the city.  I just wish there were more BART-like options to getting all around the city.  Plus, I can’t get to Muni Metro underground or BART without first walking 25 minutes or taking a bus that sometimes takes about 25 minutes.  Hence, I ride my bike (and back up to the top of Nob Hill) or I take the car to too many city locations.  Regardless of its faults, for me, the Central Subway will be very helpful to accessing the city’s underground transit options.

  • mikesonn

    Enforce bus only lanes, make Market/Stockton transit only, and make sure drivers stop blocking the box.

    All of a sudden Muni is so much faster.

  • chris

    This park is going to be great for the neighborhood and I am really looking forward to it. We live a few blocks away and are very excited to see this area take form (the new ODC building, the coming of Mission Bowl, and the future park).

    With that said, I have a hard time with people complaining about the loss of parking in this lot when the majority of the surrounding parking is unmanaged (un-metered and no time restrictions). Every morning I see BART riders parking their cars in that neighborhood and then walking to BART, leaving their car there for free all day. There are camping vans and busses parked on the street a block away, only moving for street cleaning. If local businesses really have an issue with parking, I would hope they would push for some type of parking management rather than complaining about a neighborhood park.

  • icarus12 – I don’t know how often you drive to 17th and Folsom, but the residents of that area have to drive or take some form of transit anytime they want to go to a park. The park is needed, and the dance company will be just fine.

  • Peter M

    It’s not really true that there aren’t any parks nearby. Franklin Square is at 17th and Bryant, and there are playgrounds nearby at 21st and Folsom and on Hoff. Though for the record, I think this park is a good idea.