Today’s Headlines

  • Wheelchair User Hit by Driver at 7th and Harrison Streets (CBS 5, BCN via Coco Times)
  • BART Board Delays Vote on Cellphone Shutdown Policy (Coco TimesSF Examiner)
  • Bay Area Transit Agencies Urged to Coordinate Service (SFGate)
  • LAT: It’s Time to Raise California’s Gas Tax
  • Bay Bridge Suspension Span to be Completed Friday (SF Examiner)
  • Central Subway Debated at Supes Committee Hearing (City Insider, CBS 5)
  • SF Public Press Mayoral Candidate Muni Series: John Avalos
  • Roadshow: Caltrain Signal Upgrades to Speed Service (Mercury News)
  • Independent Living Resources Center: Proposed JFK Bikeway a Safety Risk For Disabled (SF Examiner)
  • CA Transpo Commission Gives Initial Approval of Highway Toll Lane Expansion (Coco Times)
  • Is Public Participation Good for Urban Planning? (Next American City)
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  • mikesonn

    Look at the map the Chron posted with their CS column. WTF. The stop placements are all over the place and completely incorrect. I wish the CS had a stop in front of Caltrain and that close to Market, but it doesn’t. Horrible!

  • EL

    Not Chron’s fault.  They probably based their drawing on the one that CS presented, which can be seen in CBS5’s coverage.

    And yes, I agree it’s misleading.

  • mikesonn

    EL – thank you for finding that.

  • Joel

    This morning at the intersection of 22nd Ave. and Eucalyptus (in front of St. Stephen’s School), there were at least 4 crossing guards, one of them an MTA employee. Normally I would be glad to see these kinds of efforts to make our streets safer but I think there might have been too many cooks in the kitchen. Because there were 4 of them (at a single three-way intersection) they were often not giving well-coordinated instructions to drivers and traffic backed up unnecessarily, exacerbating the problem at adjacent intersections. Traffic was backed up to 20th and Eucalyptus, creating hazardous conditions in the crosswalks and for bicyclists near Lakeside Preschool. It may seem counterintuitive, but because the problem occurs frequently, I think the SFMTA should consider removing their own guard, if St. Stephen’s is going to use their own guards. Lowell could use one!

  • Anonymous

    This seems important – I hope you’ll add it to your feed:

    Man badly hurt when S.F. taxi runs red, hits him