Today’s Headlines

  • Taxi Driver Runs Red, Critically Injures Cyclist in Mission (SFGateBCN via SF Examiner)
  • Taxi Driver Runs Stop Sign, Knocks Car Into Russian Hill Market (ABC 7)
  • Pickup Driver Kills Dog, Injures Man in Crosswalk in Belmont (CBS 5)
  • Driver Injures Three Bicycle Riders in Palo Alto (Mercury News)
  • Three Police Officers Injured in Car Crash in Potrero Hill (BCN via Appeal)
  • Sacramento’s Convicted Drunk Drivers Ignore Law to Install Alcohol Detectors in Cars (SacBee)
  • SF Public Press Mayoral Candidate Muni Series: David Chiu
  • BART’s New Chief Takes Over at Tough Time (SFGate)
  • CAHSR Cost Estimate Doubles to $98.5B, But Profit Still Projected (Mercury News, AP via SF Examiner)
  • Caltrans Announces Funding for Several Bay Area Roadway Projects (Coco Times)
  • Victim Gets Stolen Bike Back in Police Sting (SF Examiner)
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  • Geez 100 billion for HSR?  WTF?  Can they just start small?  Why can’t I have an electric high-speed link to San Jose?

    Still, the article fails to answer the only relevant question, which is if you don’t build HSR, how much will all the roads and airplanes and gridlock cost of 20 years?

  • Anonymous

    Cabs are out of control. I’ve been saying this for a long time, but it’s time we clamp down on them. For being professional drivers, you would think they would epitomize considerate, safe, and smooth driving. Instead, they are the opposite: the most dangerous and inconsiderate drivers on the road. It blows my mind that they spend their career driving and still are such piss-poor drivers. That would be like chefs who make crappy food. How can you spend your career doing something and be so bad at it? Even little subtle things, like stopping smoothly without jerking … you would think they would have that mastered.

    I think what we need is some better regulation of taxi companies, more enforcement of traffic laws for cabs, and harsher penalties when they break the law.

    And I can tell you what is not going to help our cab problem: the measure that passed last week that allows cabs to unload/load passengers in the bike lane. That is a huge step backwards. Maybe in light of all the people get maimed by cabs we can convince the city to change their minds on that decision.

    One thing that really bugs me about cabs is how they take shortcuts through neighborhoods and side streets or take routes that have heavy bike or pedestrian traffic (and I’m not talking about when they are picking somebody up, but when they are passing through). I try to avoid cabs for all these reasons I’ve listed here, but on the rare occasion I have to take one and I tell him the driver where I’m going, I tell them *how* I want them to take me there. And I make sure to tell the driver why I want them to take what sometimes (though by no means always) is a longer route so that he isn’t cutting through side streets and sticks to major thoroughfares as much as possible. I had one driver ignore me when I told him to take Cesar Chavez from 24th & Potrero to about 23rd & Guerrero and instead drove straight through the Mission down 24th St. It not only took longer, but it was just that much more traffic on neighborhood side streets. I didn’t tip him, and explained why (it really irritated me that he ignored my instructions). I think we all should be doing more of this to let cab drivers no they are crappy at what they do.

  •  Taxi Driver Runs Red, Critically Injures Cyclist in Mission – Cue @EL to remind us that Streetsblog did not cover a cyclist giving a jaywalking pedestrian the willies on Valencia.

  • greg

    The fact that cab drivers spend all their time driving is exactly the source of the problem. Cab drivers believe that they are professionals and the rest of us are amateurs; they’re doing their job while everybody else is just getting in the way.  Therefore, in the cab driver’s mind, they are entitled to drive like f*cking maniacs.

    The solution is, obviously, monitoring and enforcement. When was the last time you saw a cab pulled over by a cop?

  • And use Uber. Or MUNI. Or walk. Or bike. Vote with your $$$

  • mikesonn

    I think the city should just allow taxis to park anywhere. You know, reward them for their good behavior.


  • mikesonn

    I wonder what a crack down on drivers would look like?

  • Joe

    Why is this news page focusing more and more on day-to-day traffic accidents rather than general bike and transportation-related articles?

  • Aaron Bialick

    There were an unusual number of reported crashes today. If you have any relevant articles you think we missed, please feel free to add them here. 

  • Anonymous

    I actually think it’s good that somebody shows all the day-to-day major traffic accidents and puts them in one place. It really shows you how accepting we are of our dangerous car culture. It gives some perspective to people who flip out because some bicyclists run through stop signs at empty streets while meanwhile cars just keep killing and maiming and nobody really seems to have a problem with that (and when they do, their solutions never get to the root of the problem: an addiction to cars).

  • Anonymous

    @b6bc9ce4764a44355546314d796de756:disqus yeah, you’re probably right. That’s why it’s time to get the cops involved and let them in on the little surprise that they actually are horrible drivers.

  • The Greasybear

    I am suffering my fifth week (seven to go) of bed-rest recovery after a cabbie careened into oncoming traffic to make an illegal left turn, caused me to crash my bike, and then fled the scene. While we are all fortunate no cyclist or pedestrian ended up under that criminal cabbie’s tires, I required surgery to be whole again and am enduring months of physical pain, massive hospital bills, loss of income, loss of mobility, and the loss of any faith that San Francisco has the will to protect the most vulnerable road users from the depredations of the most harmful.

    By reserving traffic citations only for passing bicyclists and never for motorists–even motorists with dead or injured people under their cars–the biased SFPD fails to serve and protect anyone but motorists. Meanwhile, SFMTA’s decision to officially allow widespread, arbitrary blockades of our piss-poor bike infrastructure so taxis can load, idle and park in the travel lanes striped for bicycle traffic is just the latest example of San Francisco’s de facto bias favoring the most harmful road users and a wanton disregard for how many of the rest of us get killed or maimed as a result.

  • Greasybear,

    I’m so sorry this happened to you.  My very best wishes for your speedy recovery. 


  • Roy Crisman

    Mising the e on the end of the URL for “Victim Gets Stolen Bike Back…”

  • Aaron Bialick

    @jd_x:disqus Ideally, with enough staff we’d like to have a “Weekly Carnage” feature for SF like Streetsblog New York does.

  • EL

    A crackdown on drivers looks just like a crackdown on cyclists.  The recent crackdown on Fulton @ Alamo Square targeted both.

    Cue @murphstahoe that Streetsblog was worried, not about safety or the well being of a pedestrian, but about how fixies were being portrayed when a cyclist critically injured a pedestrian at Mission/Silver.

  • Shmoozilla2000

    jd, you could file a 311 complaint against a cabdriver who doesn’t take the route you request…that’s against the rules.