Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA to Hold Hearings on Making Nx Bus Permanent, Increasing F-Line Service (SF Examiner)
  • Supe David Campos Wants to Hear SFMTA’s Plan for Reducing Overtime (SF Examiner)
  • Congressional Republicans Want to Withhold CA HSR Funds (LAT)
  • Dispatch from Europe: Bikeway (and Pedestrian) Innovations Abound in Malmö (Bike Portland)
  • Bike Rider Who Killed Woman on Embarcadero to Be Arraigned Today (KTVU 2)
  • Driver Kills 79-Year-Old Santa Clara Man, Injures Granddaughter Friday Night (Oakland Tribune)
  • Rohnert Park Raises Speed Limit on Five Roads (Press Democrat)
  • Ped Improvements Recommended at East Palo Alto Intersection Where Girl Was Killed (SMC Times)
  • Palo Alto City Council to Consider Ped/Bike Crossing Over Adobe Creek (PA Daily News)
  • SF Board of Supes Approves Step Toward Building Playground at Embarcadero (City Insider)
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  • mikesonn

    Anyone know what happened to the E-Line? Is that still in the works?

  • mikesonn

    I’m thankful that I can get around without being stuck in a car.

  • mikesonn

    “This case just really highlights the need for everyone to obey traffic laws, whether you’re a pedestrian, a motorist or a bicyclist,” Stillman said. “We really need to be mindful of our surroundings so incidents like this can be prevented.”

    Bicyclist pleads not guilty in S.F. death.

    Just once, just once, I’d like to see this kind of coverage on a driver-caused death. This is only “news” because it is so very rare. Driver kills someone and it’s just another day.

  • Davistrain

    As far as I know, it’s still in progress.  Among other things, Muni will need more double-end streetcars to start E-line service, because there’s no loop at Caltrain, and there are four in “rehab” right now.  Then there’s the other end that will go through the tunnel to Fort Mason; getting that ready to build is going to involve
    several city and federal bureaucracies.  You might check with Market St. Ry. ( for a more up-to-date report.

  • Anonymous

    Opinions on the Nx? Obviously it’s a success in terms of attracting riders, but I’d like to know what it means budget-wise. I suspect that it’s relatively expensive to run vs the N-Judah itself, and as such not a real solution to its problems but just a bandaid– “throwing money at the problem”.