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  • mikesonn

    SFMTA board again makes me shake my head. WTF.

    “SFMTA board director Jerry Lee said the vote should be held off until the agency collects more data on how often these infractions occur. He said he had concerns about arbitrarily raising citations.”

    Well Jerry, your data is going to be low because I see drivers double parking all over the city with impunity. Actually, you know what, I’d like to see the number of actual citations because it will be low by a factor of at least 20, but that’s being extremely conservative. Maybe we don’t need stiffer fines but actual enforcement. What good is a $100 (or even $2000) fine if it’s never given?

  • Anonymous

    He’s totally stalling because he knows that double-parking is unofficially tolerated and this forces the city to address this contradiction. I also think double-parking in a bike lane should be a steeper fine than double-parking in a car lane.

  • mikesonn

    @jd_x:disqus Exactly. Just as sidewalk parking is regularly accepted as the “norm”.

    And so it goes.