Today’s Headlines

  • Infographic: How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest Problems (Fast Co.Design)
  • More on the Bay Bridge West Span Bike/Ped Path Project (CoCo Times)
  • GJEL Attorneys Interviews Walk SF, TransForm, and MADD For Its Holiday Charity Contest
  • CA Setting an Example in Emissions Reductions (HuffPo)
  • Roadshow: Call for Nationwide Ban on Cellphone Use While Driving Has Supporters (Mercury News)
  • SFMTA Launches Pay-by-Phone Parking App (SF ExaminerCBS 5)
  • The Case for Congestion (The Atlantic Cities)
  • Congestion Pricing: A Blueprint for Beating Traffic Congestion (The Atlantic Cities)
  • Sacramento May Get Its First Toll Road (SacBee)
  • Dumbarton Bridge Rail Funding Delays May Be Boon for Buses (SF Examiner)
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  • mikesonn

    This quote from “Case for Congestion” hits close to LOS:

    “Fighting traffic congestion by merely adding more road capacity is what Lewis Mumford called a “monochromatic” approach. In his critique of the Texas Transportation Institute’s “2010 Urban Mobility Report,” University of Connecticut engineering professor Norman Garrick wrote that “TTI lost sight of the fact that a transportation system affects almost all aspects of daily life and that its value should not be judged purely on the basis of how well it affords the speedy movement of vehicles.” In doing such, we fail to recognize the way traditional streets shape successful, self-reliant and stimulating places.”