Bike lanes of the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan go to the Planning Commission

From EBBC:

Join the EBBC team at the Oakland Planning Commission to voice our support for the Lake Merritt BART Station Area Plan and the bike lanes it includes on Oak, Madison, Webster, Franklin, 8th and 9th (east of Harrison), 10th St and 7th St. Support our call for better bike access through the core of Chinatown on 8th and 9th Streets. Let the Planning Commission know that sharrows alone will not provide a safe bikeway through Chinatown. We need your support!

The Planning Commission Staff Report contains a summary of the Plan, as well as the main issues regarding the Plan; the issues address many of the comments we received (from CSG members on the Preferred Plan submitted after CSG 12).

The Lake Merritt Station Area Plan “Draft Preferred Plan” is scheduled to be reviewed at upcoming public hearings. The Draft Preferred Plan contains concepts for land use, open space, affordable housing, transportation and building design strategies, that will become the basis for the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan “Draft Plan” and are the result of an ongoing community planning process. Staff will present an overview of these concepts; feedback will be incorporated into the development of the Draft Plan. All interested parties are welcome to attend and present comments.


Oakland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

From EBBC: On the agenda for the December meeting is an update from the City on the Lake Merritt BART Station Area Plan. Currently, they are proposing bike lanes on many of the streets around Lake Merritt BART, but not on 8th and 9th Streets through Chinatown. We need to keep the pressure on the […]

Community Stakeholder Mtg for Lake Merritt Station Area Plan

From EBBC: Oakland City Staff will be presenting the Draft Preferred Plan in a series of public hearings, highlighting points of consensus and responding to key outstanding issues. The Draft Preferred Plan begins to articulate land use and open space policies; affordable housing strategies; circulation and streetscape plans; and building height and massing proposals. These […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, the SFMTA Board of Directors hears an update on the People’s Plan, the EBBC urges Oakland supporters to speak up for bike lanes around Lake Merritt BART Station, and the SF Planning Commission holds a hearing on a luxury condo development at the Embarcadero. Here are the highlights from the Streetsblog calendar: Tuesday: The SFMTA […]

Lake Merritt BART Station Area Plan Meeting

From EBBC: The next CSG meeting is happening on Monday, December 13th. Attached you will find an agenda for the meeting. Representatives from related planning processes will make presentations during the first part of the meeting. The second part will focus on a proposal for the subarea workshops. Please come with your thoughts about how […]

Lake Merritt Emerging Concepts Open House

From EBBC: Want bike lanes all around Lake Merritt BART Station? The City of Oakland’s Community and Economic Development Agency is excited to invite you to attend an open house for Lake Merritt Station Area so you can offer your ideas about draft conceptual proposals for the future development of the area. If you live, […]