Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD Won’t Cite Driver Who Ran Over Man On Video in Tenderloin (ABC 7)
  • Sunday Streets 2012 Schedule Announced (SF Appeal)
  • More Local Coverage of the Vote Delay on the House Federal Transpo Bill (SF Examiner)
  • Valencia Restaurant’s “Do Not Block the Bike Lane” Signage Prominently Ignored (Uptown Almanac)
  • Police Try to Crack Down on Rash of Mission Bike Thefts (KTVU)
  • Wigg Party’s Morgan Fitzgibbons Calls Out Mayor On Fell/Oak Bikeway Delay (SFBG)
  • Muni Bus Cameras: In San Francisco, Buses Become the Police (Atlantic Cities)
  • Transit Agencies Gear Up for Bay Bridge Shutdown (ABC 7)
  • SMART Board Kills Repeal Initiative, Buys Texas Bridge (Marin IJ)

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  • mikesonn

    Re: Muni Bus Cameras: In San Francisco, Buses Become the Police

    And how much does the SFPD funnel away from the SFMTA??

  • Actually pretty impressed by the new Sunday Streets schedule. Having a car-free Valencia / 24th St four months in a row should really help people reimagine how we use those streets everyday. And I’m also really happy for an Outer Mission & Excelsior route – it’s always nice to have new territory. Of course, many of us would like to see a Mission route every Sunday and another event on the Embarcadero or in GG Park, but this is a solid schedule. There should be plenty of focus on the Embarcadero for the America’s Cup this and next summer anyway.

  • And bravo to Morgan Fitzgibbons on his SFBG Fell/Oak article. Really hits home at what we’ve been at for so long.

  • mikesonn

    And selfishly, I’d love to see a NB/Chinatown route at least once more. But yes, great schedule. Really looking forward to them!

  • mikesonn


  • jd_x

    Re: SFPD Won’t Cite Driver Who Ran Over Man On Video in Tenderloin

    Holy crap. Is SFPD playing a joke/ That video makes it crystal clear that the van driver broke the law. How can they *possibly* say that isn’t at least a citation?! The pedestrian was crossing in a crosswalk on green … end of story. Van driver was totally not paying attention and just ran somebody over who had the right of way, and somehow that’s not the driver’s fault?! Come on SFPD! This is pathetic and so unbelievable car-biased. How the hell can we possible make our city safe for pedestrians if this is the attitude they continue to take?

  • mikesonn

    Obama in SF today. Pull out those bikes, it’s going to be gridlock all over the place. 

  • mikesonn

    On that note, the only time I’ve seen police enforce “blocking-the-box” was the last time Obama was in town. So, here’s to hoping!

  • We met with SFO on December 5 to discuss improvements to their bike lanes. I rode through today – less than 3 months later – and they made the improvements, and they are good.

  • mikesonn

    I look forward to my next bayway. Thanks again for doing that Murph.

  • thielges

    Murph highlighted this yesterday but it is worth a rerun because this is a big story.  Jury pronounces hit and run driver guilty.  He could be sentenced to up to four years in the locker:

    Despite the defendant pulling every delaying tactic in the book and funding a strong defense he lost.  This is a big deal considering how many hit and runners evade prosecution. 

    His arrest would not have been possible without the efforts of the plaintiffs and their friends who tracked down the car involved.  It was found in the defendant’s garage who claimed he wasn’t driving that day though witnesses say otherwise.

  • What, nothing on the all-night BART experiment this weekend?  F’reals??

    I’m still happy to see some lovin’ coming to the North Bay.  Always appreciate the coverage; it gets lonely up there.

  • Aaron Bialick

    See: Transit Agencies Gear Up for Bay Bridge Shutdown (ABC 7)

  • Just thought, given the campaign for all-night BART service, that it would get its own headline.  Thanks for the link.

  • Shmoozilla2000

     BayMed has one more paratransit user now….

  • Peter M

    The Civic Center/Tenderloin route isn’t on the schedule this year, anyone know why?