Today’s Headlines

  • Board of Supes Expected to Pass Downtown Employee Bike Parking Ordinance Today (City Insider)
  • Caltrain to Vote on Warm Planet Bikes Subsidy Thursday; Has $1.39m in Excess Fares (SF Examiner)
  • Site of Future Chinatown Central Subway Station Wrapped in Artistic Vinyl (SFGate)
  • Planning Commissioner Cries Foul on Cindy Wu’s Appointment as Vice President (SF Examiner)
  • Driver Killed in Hit-and-Run at California and Battery Identified (SFGate)
  • Dangerous Fell and Divis Arco Station Has City’s Second-Cheapest Gas (Haighteration)
  • Hundreds Attend SMART Groundbreaking Ceremony in Petaluma (Press Democrat)
  • Petaluma Officers Issue 57 Tickets in Bicycle-Pedestrian Crackdown (Press Democrat)
  • Petaluma Woman Killed by Driver Was Active in Community, Business (Press Democrat)
  • SacBee Editorial: Pedestrians Shouldn’t Have to Risk Lives at Crosswalks
  • Driver Kills Zakia Omar, 56 in Fremont While She Was Crossing Street (CoCo Times)
  • Cyclist Injured On Bike Path Near GG Bridge Believes He Could Be Hit-and-Run Victim (SF Appeal)

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  • mikesonn

    I really wish Caltrain [JPB really] would get off their ass and put something on the ballot. Every year it is “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” and this codified tariff BS is just another example. Except this time, they are trying to sneak it past the ridership instead of being straight forward.

    Not to mention the fact that they collected $139 million more than expected. Nope, time to milk the ridership once again.

    At least they are going to toss some money at Warm Planet. The bike cars are already full and it’s February. This summer is going to be rough.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. They finally have some money and a chance to do something, and they are just sitting back and resting. Not only should they get this funding issue on the ballot, but they should be rolling out increased service (like the weekday train that used to leave SF at 9:37am), more weekday and weekend bullets or limited trains, wi-fi, and get the electrification project moving along.

  • mikesonn

    @Caltrain_News (Caltrain on twitter) told me that the $139 million will be used up by increased diesel costs. Onward to raising fares [w/ no data to back up their proposals].

  • thielges

    @mikesonn:disqus  – I think that twitter feed might be exaggerating the increased diesel costs.  If it is all going towards fuel then that means an additional $4500 spent on each SJ-SF run.  That seems way out of line.

    No doubt that some of the surplus should be used to cover the increased fuel costs though not all of it.

  • mikesonn

    I didn’t mean to imply “all”, but just used towards. I should of given the quote which said “much of that $1.39 million will be erased by the increasing cost of diesel”

  • Anonymous

    @mikesonn:disqus Jerry Hill is carrying a bill this session to authorize a 3-county ballot measure that would give Caltrain dedicated funding.   The other option is a tax just for San Mateo County (SamTrans is doing polling on that also) – but that would require other changes to stabilize JPB.  

  • mikesonn

    Thanks! And what other changes would have to be made to JPB?

  • The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or the paper ticket fares will go up until Clipper adoption is 50%.

    Putting an axe over the head of someone who doesn’t know they are in the guillotine never works. A family of 6 on the Peninsula whose entire public transit usage consists of two trips to the Giants games is not going to go get a Clipper Card. Especially since by my meager research there are only 2 places on the entire peninsula to apply for a Youth Clipper Card, which then takes 3 weeks to arrive.

    The only thing that will happen is that eventually they will decide “Caltrain is too expensive, let’s drive (and park in the Dogpatch – no meters!)”. Repeated enough times, Caltrain will hit their 50% Clipper goal by virtue of removing 2/3 of the current paper ticket buyers from the system.

  • Really don’t know what to make of the story of the man who crashed on the GG Bridge bike path. Really peculiar situation.

  • Anonymous

    @mikesonn:disqus  I’m not sure how they’d handle it specifically.  But the current (unwritten) agreement is that in any given year, any of the 3 parties can renege on the agreement. When that happens, the other parties withdraw/decrease contribution in proportion.  This is an obviously unstable (one might say, insane) way to fund the transit backbone of Silicon Valley.  
    So if the funding measure is just for San Mateo County, there would need to be some reworking of the Joint Powers agreement to reduce the built-in roller-coaster effect.  A 3-county tax would eliminate the problem.

  • mikesonn

    Well put and totally agree.

  • Mario Tanev

    Something similar happened to me many years ago.

    One evening I biked to my bank to deposit a paycheck. The bank was pretty close to my house, and my ride consisted mostly of very calm residential streets.

    “You called us already, we’re on our way”, is what I was told during my apparently and unwittingly second call to 911. I was back at my house, with my bike locked up outside, chain out of place, roughed up by usable, and paycheck still in my pocket. My face was all bloodied up and I had no memories of whatever accident had occurred, nor how I ended up in my room. I do have some memories of getting halfway to the bank followed by complete emptiness. What had I done wrong? Was anyone else involved? Did anyone see me walking my banged up bike with a bloodied face? Most likely, I will never know.

    The ER staff scolded me for not having worn a helmet. I have ever since, even though I agree with the anti-helmet logic (helmets encourage aggressive behaviors from drivers and discourage ridership, thus decreasing safety in numbers).

  • Guest

    Re: “Planning Commissioner Cries Foul on Cindy Wu’s Appointment as Vice President”