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March East Bay Bike Party – WHERE’S WALDO?

Posted on March 1, 2012 by 

What’s red and white and bikes all over?

A ‘WHERE’S WALDO?‘ Bike Party!

Get ready for some serious déjà vu, ’cause on Friday, March 9th, there’s a whole lotta Waldo goin’ on!

March marks our grand return to Hayward. We’ll start from theSouth Hayward BART Station and ride through Hayward and Castro Valley, ending up at Area Cycles.  We’ll gather starting at 7:30pm and leave at 8pm (or just after). Post-ride we’ll have dancing, bike sumo, a little piñata action and a food truck! MoGo BBQ will be serving up some delectable post-ride eats, so bring cash if you’re interested.

Costuming for this ride is a snap. Got a white shirt and some red duct tape? Shablam! You’ve got a costume. If you have a red-and-white-striped shirt already, so much the better.  And if Waldo isn’t your style, you can always be Wizzard Whitebeard, Wenda or Odlaw… and your dog can be Woof!

Since Bike Party is a social, community-positive, law-abiding ride, here’s a refresher on how we roll on Second Fridays:

  • Stay Right
  • Stop at Lights
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed (i.e. Ride Sober)

If you love Bike Party and want to help out, you can volunteer to guide riders through a turn or two on ride night. And we ALWAYS appreciate having people come to our test rides.  That’s where we do the work of determining the route that hundreds of people will ride, so your participation and feedback is critical.  Join us for the next Test Ride this Saturday at 10am.

On Party night, if you see someone new to Bike Party, or a rider who doesn’t seem to get how we roll, show ‘em some bike love and encourage them to Party the way we do. We’re all in this together.

Get ready to party in the right lane, ’cause on March 9th, the answer to the question ‘Where’s Waldo?’ will be: EVERYWHERE!!!



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