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  • Anonymous

    This one just in as well:

    Let the flame war begin.

  • mikesonn

    I must say, I’m pretty excited for the E-Line. It is long overdue and will help ease tourist access to Fisherman’s Wharf from the peninsula. Also opens up options for Giants fans. It will be even greater when Embarcadero signal-prioritization gets figured out.

  • Fran Taylor

    We should seize this opportunity [rerouting of Mission Street buses] to assess the impact of transit on merchants, so when they scream about parking loss or expense, we’ll have hard numbers to show how much more important good access via public transportation, walking, and bicycling really is.

  • The repaving of Mission is going to take six months? Arghh!  Having the Mission buses on South Van Ness is making that street a nightmare. I don’t drive on Mission St. because of the buses and pedestrians. I am fine with this. In fact, I think it would be great to make Mission St bus/ped/bike only. (Also make Valencia through for cars only three blocks in a row, then force car turn offs, so people use it only to access businesses rather than to get to/from Cesar Chavez and the freeway. Same for Shotwell and Capp. These should be neighborhood streets, not thoroughfares.)  But it would be nice if at least South Van Ness and Guererro could carry car traffic efficiently. Not at super fast speeds, but slow and steady. Two ginormous articulated buses both trying to pull into bus stop near intersection = no traffic flow= almighty mess.

    I can see why Mission bus riders are seriously confused.

  • Folsom and Harrison?

  • It can be quite difficult to get to and from my job near Coit Tower via the F because of these tourists.

  • mikesonn

    The E will hopefully help with the EMB portion of that trip, that is if the E adds cars instead of just redistributing the current stock. I take you are probably in Levi Plaza?

  • The description of the collision between bicyclist and pedestrian at Market and Castro is curious, especially with the police saying the bicyclist may have crossed south on Castro across Market against the red. While this, of course, is possible, it would be an exceptionally foolhardy thing for a bicyclist to do at this particular intersection, and I have never seen anyone attempt it. Market is very wide at this point (basically six lanes), cars on Market from the west come flying down the hill at fairly high speeds, and cars coming from the east are plentiful and not going too slowly either. In addition, not many bicyclists take the hilly section of Castro north of Market given that Noe, one block over, is flat, connects to the Wiggle better and has many fewer cars. What seems more likely is a bicyclist flying down Market from the west turned right on Castro without looking carefully enough. Or the pedestrian could have crossed against the light. 

    There are always, always, always pedestrians crossing Castro at Market to get to and from the Castro Muni station. Anyone passing through this intersection has to check, double-check, and drive/bike slowly to make sure they don’t hit anyone. (And that’s even when the driver/bicyclist has the right of way.) It is just a very congested spot. I hope both injured parties recover soon.

  • mikesonn

    South on Castro, full head of steam, enter on yellow (or “orange”), long intersection, get to crossing after peds have walk, crosswalk is full.

    Need to control speed coming down descents and when approaching intersections.

  • The Greasybear

    Isn’t it curious that the same SFPD that can never, ever say what happened when a motorist hits a pedestrian or cyclist–needs to be investigated before any comment can be made!–adopts a wholly different standard and freely speculates in the Chronicle about how the cyclist is to blame? Bias, bias, bias.

  • TN

    Re: The collision on Castro.

    There’s a couple of things in common between this bike/ped collision and the Dionette Cherney incident and the accident that happened at Mission and Silver about a year ago that led to very serious injuries including one death.

    All three pedestrians had the right of way. And all three pedestrians were elderly. Over 65. The bicyclists were all much younger and male.

    I think a lot of aggressive bicycle riders expect pedestrians to be quicker and more agile to be able to get out of the bicyclist’s way than is the case if the peds are elderly. The riders may be expecting that they would be noticed by pedestrians even when the pedestrians aren’t expecting them. One’s perceptual abilities, eyesight and hearing, diminish with age. One’s reaction time also increases with age. Also I suspect that because the riders are younger, they don’t appreciate that people become more fragile as they age and so don’t really consider hitting or just brushing by someone on a bicycle to be quite as dangerous as it really is.

    Elderly people die of complications from simple unaided falls as my father did recently. Simply bumping an elderly person off their feet can be a catastrophic event for them.

  • Peter M

     From what I understand, runs on the E line will just replace F line short turns between Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ferry Building, so streetcars on the Embarcadero will still be as crowded as ever.

  • It was interesting. Both KCBS and the Chron had this speculation attributed to “SFPD” via “witnesses” but the SFAppeal had a direct statement from the spokesman who said no such thing.

    Is KCBS getting a quote from a random cop?

  • All three pedestrians had the right of way.

    That has not been established.

  • Davistrain

    I can’t speak officially for Muni or Market St. Ry. regarding the “E” line, but four more double-ended PCC “streamliners” are at the restoration shop in Pennsylvania for their makeovers.  These will allow the “E” to terminate at Caltrain (no turning facilities for single-end cars there.)

  • mikesonn

    I thought the E was planned for Wharf to Caltrain, which means they would have to be double ended street cars since there is no turn around at 4th/King.

  • mikesonn

    I just saw this comment after I posted my response below. Thank you for that information.

  • 94103er

    Way to go. You’ve connected the dots by taking the Chronicle’s comment-bait-masquerading-as-journalism as gospel. Have you done the same with driver-ped collision incidents? Or with the countless numbers of incidents in which an elderly person falls and is seriously injured, like, every day?

    I wonder if you and everyone else will wise up one day and realize that all these dots connect in a way that don’t actually indict individuals. They point to our collective utter stupidity that we continued to design cities for semi trucks and not for an aging pedestrian population.

  • Southvannesstraffic

    If you make the light timing on Mission the same as South Van Ness and have the buses stop in every other street like on South Van you will see the same efficiency.

    Shotwell and Capp Sts are too close to busy streets to be considered for calming. I think a stop sign is at every corner already.

    Why move to a street one block off of Mission and then ask for quiet? Shotwell is quiet enough already. Bryant, Folsom and Harrison have been slowed after being rebranded from thoroughfares to neigorhood sts.

    Should we close Capp and Shotwell to all but the residents?

    A comprehensive plan needs to be created…..not this fragmented sort of plan that seems self serving.