Today’s Headlines

  • With Less Car Traffic in the Way, Muni Ran Faster 100 Years Ago (Bay Citizen)
  • Muni On-Time Performance Inches Slightly Up to 71.7 Percent (SF Examiner, City Insider)
  • Advocates: SF’s Leaders Need New Attitudes on Pedestrian Safety (SFGate)
  • SF Chronicle Op-Ed: Drivers “Should Get a Day Off” from Sunday Metering, the “Parking Jihad”
  • More on the SFMTA Budget Proposal and Sunday Metering (SF Public Press, Bay Citizen)
  • Muni Still Hasn’t Confirmed Responsibility for Hit-and-Run SoMa Crash (SF Weekly)
  • Panhandle Park Stewards Share Thoughts on the Fell and Oak Bikeway Designs
  • Why Peds and Cyclists Need Their Own Paths on the Panhandle (SFist)
  • California Gas Prices Soar as Consumption Falls (SacBee)
  • Parklet Under Construction at California and Fillmore (Eater SF)
  • Santa Monica DP Looks to SF’s Bicycling Education and Enforcement Efforts
  • How Fantastical is the “Fantasy” of Rapid Transit in Marin? (The Greater Marin)
  • Transient Man Killed by Driver in Santa Rosa (Press Democrat)

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  • mikesonn

    “Parking Jihad”? Did Rob Anderson start writing for the Chron?

  • That SFist article is all kinds of bs….the road is not enough, a shared path is not enough….what is enough?

  • Mario Tanev

    I would understand why other media are fixated on the irrelevant metric of schedule adherence. However, Streetsblog should know better. Even Muni is moving its focus to headway adherence for the rapid network (or as they call it now: bunching and gaps). And headway adherence has not improved at all.

    Having said that, it is very encouraging that SFMTA is making a real push for better metrics, computed more frequently:

  • Andy Chow

    A break from the fantasy transit map:
    This is a completely reality based rail system map consisted of BART, Caltrain, and the local systems in SF and SJ. There are some key bus connections too so the gap isn’t really there as it might have seemed.