Today’s Headlines

  • Sunday Parking, Free Muni for Youth Up for Approval Today (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Makes “Stealth Service Cuts” by Skipping 35 to 40 Daily Runs (Bay Citizen)
  • SFMTA Board Expected to Approve Muni Communications Systems Upgrade (SF Examiner)
  • Ed Reiskin Suggests Restructuring Muni Fare Discounts Around Income, Not Age (SFGate)
  • Community Organizers Make the Case for Free Muni for All Youth (SFGate)
  • D5 Supe Christina Olague on Fell/Oak Bikeways: “We Have a Transit-First Policy” (Haighteration)
  • C.W. Nevius Doesn’t Get the JFK Bikeway
  • Driver Arrested on Drug Charges After Hitting Napa Cyclist, 77, in Bike Lane (Napa Times-Herald)
  • Bay Bikers Blog: Concord Family Was Crushed by SUV, Not in a “Bike Accident”
  • BART Hypes Its More Efficiently-Designed “Fleet of the Future”
  • Muni Cameras Catch, Ticket KRON 4 Reporter Parked in Bus Lane (Muni Diaries)
  • Music Video Released to Promote Bay Area Bike to Work Day (

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  • With respect to the Nevius column — as I previously mentioned before the new setup has made turning left from JFK onto Middle Drive more difficult as drivers either get annoyed at cyclists “cutting” to the front or believe we’re “entitled” by staying in the normal lane. In the latter case they feel it is OK to pass with an extremely small margin.

    I do not feel this intersection was well thought out.

  • mikesonn

    The main problem is that people use GGP to commute via car. If only actual park users were driving in the park, there would barely be any traffic and all this pig lipstick wouldn’t be needed.

  • Smith

    It should be SFUSD students ride free: there’s a nexus between not providing school buses or having neighborhood schools, and needing to offset that. Much easier to administer and less stigma than a means test, and not as sweeping as free Muni for all youth (including every teenage tourist who visits SF).

  • Smith

    Strategically placed required right turns in GGP would be brilliant, especially if they direct drivers into garages, etc. GGP needs a (bold) circulation plan.

  • Oh good, we will have marginal improvements in BART interiors, 6.5 years from now.  One wonders how such a pathetic nation was able to fight World War 2.

  • J

    re: the Nevius piece. This design take a few weeks for people to get used to. Staff is needed to show people where to park. The first implementation is always the hardest, but it does work. It works in NYC, which has at least as many tourists, suburbanites, entitled bureaucrats, and simply clueless drivers. It will work in SF as well, but it takes time.

  • I turn left from JFK to Middle drive nearly every day, and it has not been a problem for me. I don’t know what was intended by the planners of this, but it is convenient to merge into the regular traffic lane at a gap in parking at the road just east of the Conservatory. If this is too much to ask, you can always become a pedestrian and walk through the crosswalk at Middle Drive.

  • Kevin


  • I’ve encountered one car parked in the bike lane each of the last two mornings as I’ve passed to and fro between Stanyan and 8th Ave. I pulled out a pad of paper and left a note on the car’s windshield each time, expressing my dismay.  This does take a while to stop and do. I may just write up sticky notes saying “Please don’t park in the bike lane!!” that are easier to apply. If others would do the same, I think these cars might look quite festive with multiple colors of neon sticky notes on their windows.

    Coming home today through the Panhandle, at the bike light at Masonic, there were many bicyclists. The left-turning traffic was stopped and not encroaching on the crosswalk, just as it should be. As I started to cross a few seconds after bikes got the go, a truck three cars back from the lead started blaring his horn nonstop in an attempt to urge the lead car to run the red light and mow down cyclists. This continued until I was out of earshot, but, as far as I could tell, the lead motorist held firm and stayed put. Thank you, lead motorist.

  • mikesonn

    After you are done putting notes on those cars, can you swing past the Ferry Building? You’ll need a couple decks worth of sticky notes though.

  • Or report it to 311 or more directly to; 415-553-1200, 1, 7

  • But @KarenLynnAllen:disqus , he only needed the lane for a minute.

  •  Of course I come across vehicles blocking various bike lanes around town *all the time*.  The worst offenders are cabs and delivery trucks.  But these drivers generally are well aware that there is a bike lane and their choice to park/stop there is conscious. With the new GG Park bike lanes I think there is much genuine confusion on the part of drivers (though when people park right on top of a painted stencil of a bike, you do wonder how they could have missed that.) 

    Making a phone call would take even longer than leaving a note. I guess I have little faith it would have any impact whatsoever.