Today’s Headlines

  • SF Examiner: Supes Shouldn’t Let Squabbling Kill Smart SFMTA Budget
  • SFMTA Seeking Bids for $210M Union Square Central Subway Station (SF Examiner)
  • Unregulated Corporate Shuttles Crowd Streets, Block Muni Stops (SFBG)
  • C.W. Nevius: Free Muni for Youth a “Noble Thought”, but Sets a Bad Precedent
  • SFBG: Where Would Jesus Park on Sundays?
  • Green Connections Survey Asks: “Where Do You Want to Walk?” (WalkSF)
  • SF Examiner: SFPark’s Demand-Based Parking Pricing Make Sense
  • BART Agent Could Lose Job for Giving Discarded Tickets to Needy Teen (SFGate)
  • BART Handing Out 5,000 Free Tickets Today at Blue Sky Festival (ABC 7)
  • 78-Year-Old Driver Hits GG Transit Bus on Mission and Fifth Streets (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Some SFGate Column Readers Think Stop Signs Should be Yield Signs for Bicycle Riders
  • Walnut Creek Police Blame 12-Year-Old Girl on Bike Hit by Driver in Crosswalk (CoCo Times)
  • CAHSRA Chair: Funding Uncertainty Normal for Transpo Projects (Sac BeeAP via CoCo Times)

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  • Supes Shouldn’t Let Squabbling Kill Smart SFMTA Budget

    Here here. If they wanted to be in the nuts and bolts of the SFMTA budget, they should be trying to get on the SFMTA board, not the Board of Supervisors. They approved all the appointments to the SFMTA board. Let them do their job.

  • mikesonn


  • mikesonn

    Anyone need a laugh? What the hell is this crap?! 

  • mikesonn

    Now out for bid: Union Square Central Subway Station

    “This centrally located station will connect residents and visitors to San Francisco’s vibrant downtown and provide convenient transfers to the existing Powell Street Station.”

    > Um… “provide convenient transfers to the existing Powell Street Station.” Yeah, keep those lies flying! 

  • Some things are just bad for your brain. As an antidote (or an inoculation, if anyone feels inclined to twist their mind around the Cato Institute’s tortured logic) I recommend this film, With My Own Two Wheels:

    “As a tool for development, a simple bicycle can mean transportation,
    employment, even access to education and healthcare. With My Own Two
    Wheels weaves together the experiences of five individuals into a single
    story about how the bicycle can change the world, one pedal stroke at a

    Beautiful and important. Well worth the forty minutes. (My gratitude to for posting it on their site.)

    The Cato article certainly is a sign, though, that some people won’t give up their cars until you pull their keys out of their cold, dead hands. (I remember my Buick-driving grandfather during the first oil crisis in the 70’s indignantly proclaiming that cheap gas was an American right and the government should do whatever was necessary to protect that right.) I expect these folks won’t like the next ten years at all.