Greenbelt Alliance: Reimagining the Pedestrian Experience Along W San Carlos Street

From Greenbelt Alliance:

What makes a street safe for an 8 year old or an 80 year old?

Join Greenbelt Alliance and San Jose State University on an outing along West San Carlos Street on Saturday, April 28 at 9am. We’ll meet at Luther Burbank Elementary School and head west, taking in the street from the pedestrian’s point of view.

Safe, attractive streets designed for people are a key element of healthy, complete neighborhoods. In fact, this is a cornerstone of San Jose’s newGeneral Plan, Envision 2040.  Planning efforts are coming to this area: San Jose will kick off a master plan for the West San Carlos/ South Bascom urban corridors and VTA will seek community input on a Bus Rapid Transit line down West San Carlos and Stevens Creek Boulevard.

We’ll hear from neighbors who are change-makers in their own community and we’ll brainstorm solutions to improving the streets’ connections for people on foot or bicycle. Together, we can discuss what it takes to transform great plans into real on-the-ground change.

This event is free and we ask that you RSVP. We’ll provide lunch at Time Deli where we will wrap up our morning. For more information, please contact Michele Beasley

RSVP is required.



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