SF Planning Commission Meeting


On the agenda:

  • Transit Center District Plan amendments
  • parking requirements modifications in Van Ness, Chinatown, North Beach, Washington-Broadway, and Waterfront districts


SF Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda On the agenda: Planning Code, Zoning Map amendments: eliminate minimum parking requirements for the Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, RC Districts, the Broadway and North Beach NCDs, and the Washington-Broadway SUD; make maximum residential parking permitted in C-3 and RC Districts consistent with NCT Districts; make maximum non-residential parking in RC Districts, Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, and Broadway and North […]

AC Transit Board Meeting

Agenda On the agenda: Report on District operating procedures regarding baby strollers, carts and other large items Semi annual report on Clipper outreach activities and usage Update on the status of the Transit Sustainability Project Strategic Plan mandated by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission