Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Board Could Approve Central Subway Bonds as Backup for HSR Funds (SF Examiner)
  • Bruce Oka Termed Out of SFMTA Board, New Member to be Named (SF Weekly)
  • Transbay Blog Offers Some Insight into the Van Ness BRT Design Selection Process
  • BART Releases Draft Bicycle Plan, Seeks Public Comment (SF
  • Community Plans 24th Street BART Plaza Redesign (Mission Local)
  • Progress on Cargo Way Bikeway Construction, Sidewalks Still a Mess (San Franciscoize)
  • SF Weekly Cyclist Commentator: If We Don’t Communicate Well With Others, We Don’t Deserve Respect
  • Palo Alto Driver Won’t be Charged for Killing 6 Year Old in Crosswalk Near School (KTVU)
  • Oakland Public Works Kicks Off Pothole-Filling Blitz, Asks for Citizen Reports (EBBC)
  • GG Ferry Service to be Canceled During May Day Strike (SFGate)
  • South Bay “Drive Less Challenge” Winning Transit Converts (Almanac Online)
  • CHP Warns of Distracted Driving Epidemic, the Top Cause of Teen Deaths (CBS 5)

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  • mikesonn

    Anyone know why the GGB toll collectors didn’t strike as well? GGBHTD is looking to replace them with automated systems in the very near future.

  • Mario Tanev

    Are there any efforts to make killing a pedestrian while breaking the vehicle code (i.e. hitting a pedestrian at a crosswalk) be considered vehicular manslaughter in California? This case with the teacher and the kid in Palo Alto, just doesn’t make sense. Another thing that needs to happen is that there should be a statute for injury. It doesn’t make sense that reckless/negligent drivers (or cyclists for that matter) are only charged if there is death.

  • From the GGB transportation district:

    “First and foremost, your patience and cooperation during the recent construction work is much appreciated, and the end results will be enjoyed by all of us. The end is in sight as the west sidewalk will reopen on May 18!”

    From a SFBC email dated April 17:

    “The west sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge has been closed for the past couple of months to create a better, smoother new pathway approach. The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and National Park Service, leading the trail project, say that inclement weather and soil conditions have pushed the completion date back a bit, but assure us that trail work will be done and the west sidewalk will be re-opened by Bike to Work Day (May 10).Meanwhile bicycle traffic continues to roll on the bridge’s east sidewalk around the clock, sharing the narrow right-of-way with pedestrians — please be extra alert and courteous as you make your way across. For more information on the project, see our Golden Gate Bridge page.”

    Can they get any more incompetent?

  • mikesonn

    Don’t tempt them.

  • mikesonn

    Chamber of Commerce president likes the subways of Europe. Can someone point out their car-free downtown shopping districts to him?