Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Woman at Masonic and Euclid Avenues (BCN via SF Appeal, SFGate)
  • Bus, Bike, Car: Three Ped Deaths in SF Elicit Different Public Reactions (SF Examiner)
  • Next-Gen Bikeways Will Require Some Adjustment for Cyclists (San Franciscoize)
  • MTC Erred by Using Toll Funds for S.F. Building, State Legislative Counsel Says (Oakland Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Bicyclist, Injures Dog on Hwy 1 Near Santa Cruz (KTVU, Cyclelicious)
  • This is the Kind of Anti-Dooring Campaign San Francisco Needs (Copenhagenize)
  • 16-Year-Old Driver Flips Truck Loaded With Teens Near Pt. Reyes, Injuring One Seriously (Marin IJ)
  • Attempted Hit-and-Run Car Crash on Valencia Turns Physical (Mission Local)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Crashes into Taxi Cab at 18th and Mission Streets (CBS 5)
  • Muni’s Free Youth Plan Facing Crucial Meeting at MTC (SF Examiner)
  • Could the BART Board be Joined by More Transit Activists? (CP&DR)
  • Scenes From Sunday Streets Yesterday in the Mission (Mission Local)

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  • Re: Driver Kills Woman at Masonic and Euclid Avenues

    Already the SFGate commenter brigade is bestowing sympathy upon the driver and scorn on the pedestrian for not being in a crosswalk.

  • mikesonn

    Maybe TJ’s on Masonic needs to eliminate its parking lot, then people won’t drive there thinking they’ll find a spot.

  • A month ago it was “the pedestrian always has the right of way no matter what”

  • mikesonn
  • ubringliten

    The reporter has the audacity to report that the rider did not wear “proper equipment” instead of the driver’s recklessness that left him to dead.  What a sorry *ss reporting!  The cyclist could have lived if the freaking driver stopped.  I am so pissed!

  • The Greasybear

    All too predictably, sfgate’s most popular comment about the Masonic death begins “I feel sorry for the driver” and ends without a single shred of sympathy for the pedestrian that motorist killed.

    sfgate’s commenters treat injured or dead pedestrians as sympathetic characters *only* if doing so can justify a pre-existing anti-bike bias. Pedestrians hit by motorists, on the other hand, get the same prejudiced  treatment as bicyclists do–no matter how much carnage the beloved motorist has caused. 

    The hard-line defense of even the most harmful motorists common in sfgate’s comment sections, however, is an uncommon sentiment among the San Franciscans I know–leading me to question how many sfgate commenters live in San Francisco, or even the greater Bay Area. I would love to see location stats.

  • Gneiss

    Unfortunately the section of Masonic where TJ’s is located is outside the scope of the complete streets redeisgn effort, but it really should be included. There’s no reason why San Francisco needs a 4 lane narrow speedway in this largely residential/commerical district. All you need to do is look at how successful the streetcape design on Sacramento is at generating business and maintaining residential properly values to realize how much more tax revenue the city can get from a well designed pedestrian friendly street rather than these crazy fast 4 lane ones.  Naturally, though, this article doesn’t touch at all on how the design of that street encourages bad behavior by motorists and leads to these kinds of tragedies.  We just take it as inevitable that traffic deaths occur without any discussion of the underlying causes.

  • Gneiss

    They were just repeating what the Highway Patrol told them.  Goes to show you what kind of bias the ‘protect and serve’ types have for our welfare.  The powerless remain unprotected and unserved in our society.

  • guest

    Greasy, it was the most “popular” comment because 350 people replied to it, most disagreeing with the sentiment. Stop manufacturing drama.

  • The Greasybear

    Guest, it was listed by sfgate as the most “popular” comment, because it had about 300 more likes than dislikes.  Stop downplaying the pathology of sfgate commenters.