Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area Bike to Work Day: 20 Percent Increase This Year (KTVU, ABC 7, Appeal,  Press Dem, RC Patch)
  • San Francisco’s Best Workplaces for People Who Bike (SFBC) – And Don’t Miss These Photos
  • Why Hasn’t Mayor Lee Been Riding His Bike on Regular Days? (City Insider)
  • BART Board Approves Contract With Rail Car Manufacturer Bombardier (BCN via Appeal, CBS 5)
  • Unlicensed Santa Rosa Driver Pleads Guilty to Killing 4-Year-Old in Hit-and-Run (PDSFGate, CBS 5)
  • Golden Gate Transit Bus Strike Canceled, Tentative Agreement Reached (CBS 5)
  • BART Police Say Many Fare Evaders Are Wanted Criminals (CBS 5)
  • Santa Rosa Begins Work to Reconnect Sixth Street Under 101 Highway (Press Democrat)
  • Healdsburg Residents Balk at the Idea of Paying for Car Parking (Press Democrat)
  • LaHood to California on HSR: Fish or Cut Bait (SacBee)

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  • Peter M

     Muni is planning a new express route, from the Caltrain station to Market and 9th
    Details here:

  • mikesonn

    It’s good to be Twitter.

    Wait, won’t the Central Subway connect the Caltrain station to Muni’s Market Metro? A quick transfer and you’ll be to Civic Center in no time!

  •  Really interesting.  Muni is actually going to schedule these buses to coordinate with Caltrain arrivals.  The express will take ten minutes from Caltrain to Civic Center versus 20 – 30 (or more!) minutes via the N or the KT. People might even start taking this express to get to the ballpark for evening games.  (But it won’t help folks going home.)  I still don’t understand why it takes the N or KT 20 minutes to go three miles, with half of that distance underground.

  • mikesonn

    The city refuses to run their signal prioritization along Embarcadero. I’ve seen (multiple times) a single (one vehicle w/ only driver) taking a left turn hold up two packed trains that should have been given priority. And that isn’t even touching on the cluster(*&# that 4th/King is.

  • We need a 48X

  • The Greasybear

    The SF Appeal article on Bike to Work Day says SFMTA “counted 1,031 bicycles cross Van Ness Avenue and Market Street today.” Assuming the count was, as in prior years, specifically made at that intersection during the 8-9am rush hour, it appears there were 7 fewer bikes rolling by in 2012 than in 2010.

  •  500 crossed Valencia at 25th between 6:30 and 6:35 AM. Pretty sure that’s a big increase.

  • SteveS

    You can already take the Mission Bay Shuttle to get from Caltrain to Powell BART, but it will be nice to have an off-peak option.

  • Steve S,

    Wow, this shuttle is *free*!!!  And fast!  So the question becomes why would anyone take the KT or N from Caltrain ever?  I’m wondering if people just don’t know about the MIssion Bay shuttle.  I didn’t.

  • SteveS

    If everyone in SoMa started taking the MB shuttle they might start checking that you actually work or live at a property in the Mission Bay improvement district that’s sponsoring it, but for now like most corporate and BID shuttles it’s open to everyone. They’re even on NextBus and have a Twitter feed that posts whenever there’s a delay.

  • Sprague

    Peter M, thanks for sharing the news of this new service.  This new route is a good way to enhance sustainable transit and help employers and employees of the mid-Market area.  I hope Muni’s great new leader expedites transit priority signal operation.  As mikesonn notes, the N and the KT need this along the Embarcadero.  For both Muni operations as well for Muni riders, time is money.  Especially on rail and bus lines with high ridership, transit prioritization at (all) traffic signals should be standard practice.

  • Fran Taylor

    Note how the document cites high poverty levels in the area served to claim that this is somehow an equity project, as if the residents of Mid-Market are the intended riders. Why not just paint the buses yellow and call them Twitter Buses? MTA must think we’re idiots. Meanwhile, down at Cesar Chavez, CC Puede and others have been asking for years for service through the hairball and east to serve the small businesses in that transit desert, to no avail. Is there some trendy corporate name we could call ourselves to get some buses out here?