Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Encourages N Riders to Walk, Bike During 9-Day Shut Down (SFizeSFGateSF Weekly)
  • New Golden State Warriors Basketball Arena to be Transit-Oriented (SFGateCBS 5SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA to Gov. Brown: Central Subway Will Connect With HSR at 4th/King (SF Weekly)
  • BART’s 40-Year “Metro” Plan Includes Station Upgrades, Turnback Tracks (SF Examiner)
  • SF Ranked First in Country for City Parks (Atlantic Cities)
  • Haighteration: How Do We Feel About These New Wiggle Sharrows?
  • SF Elementary School Principal Arrested for DUI Hit-and-Run (SFGateMission LocalSF Examiner)
  • San Ramon Lawyer Who Killed Dublin Cyclist Out on Bail, Trial Delayed (CoCo Times)
  • Police Looking for Driver Who Struck Berkeley Police Officer (Oakland Tribune)
  • Roadshow: Biking Against Traffic is Dangerous and Illegal (CoCo Times)
  • CA Senate to Vote on 3-Foot Bike Passing Bill Tomorrow (Cyclelicious)
  • Report: 75 Percent of Bay Area Open Space Protected From Sprawl (Mercury NewsMarinIJ)

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  • mikesonn

    There is a reason the SFMTA board gave themselves the ability to float $61 million in bonds for the CS, they know they aren’t going to get that money because they know they don’t actually connect to HSR.

  • SFPD was sitting at the Days Inn parking lot poaching cyclists who roll the stop sign at Octavia and Grove. They were even in that same spot on Bike to Work Day.

    I’d much rather they sit at Grove and Market, where you have two relatively blind crosswalks that are very close together with actual pedestrian traffic. That would entail them doing actual work, instead of camping out like this.

  • In regards to the upcoming N-Judah shut down apocalypse, another option Muni could encourage for folks who might blanch at riding a bike all the way downtown is to ride to the Forest Hill Muni station or the West Portal station, park their bike there, and hop on Muni. I would think most of Inner Sunset could get to the Forest Hill station in fifteen minutes, and there is a wide swath of outer Sunset that is within two miles of the West Portal station. There are some hills involved but they aren’t dreadful, and since people wouldn’t be biking far, just taking them calmly and slowly works pretty well.

    From either of these stations service downtown is relatively frequent and swift. In fact I don’t know why more people don’t bike to West Portal and then take Muni–it’s after the K,L or M go above ground that they slow to a crawl and become sporadic and unreliable. (It would certainly help if there were secure bike parking at these stations.)

  • I would guess it is the parking — first thing that came to mind as I was midway through your first paragraph. No way that I would leave a bike parked there — it can get pretty dead up there during the middle of the day.

  •  If you are on the N-Judah line, by the time you ride to Forest Hill you could just ride downtown.

  • Yes, I would hate to leave my bike unprotected in isolated spot. (Which is why Muni could perhaps put in secure parking temporarily?)

    Me, I would bike downtown all the way even if the N-Judah were working. But say you lived at Irving and 10th Ave. and worked near Montgomery Bart/Muni. It would be a ten minute bike ride to the Forest Hill station and then a 17 minute Muni ride to Montgomery. No doubt there would be Muni wait time–maybe another four minutes? That makes 31 minutes for the trip. Biking straight from there (so Google maps tells me) is 28 minutes, so straight biking is undoubtedly quicker. (The N-Judah, if all goes perfectly, is 25 minutes plus wait time from this spot. Seems like biking is the better commute value.) But a bicycle-only commute from here would be almost ten miles of biking for the day versus a little under three for the day for the multi-modal commute. Some people might be much more amenable to biking three miles than biking ten. (Although the ten would be good for them!)

  • @KarenLynnAllen:disqus With the difference in bicycling conditions from the Inner Sunset (I live in it) towards downtown – a choice of calm, popular routes: Golden Gate Park, the Panhandle, and Page St., all mostly flat – compared to taking 7th/Laguna Honda to Forest Hill Station, I’d say even the most casual bike commuter would have to be pretty crazy to find riding to Forest Hill more attractive 🙂

  • Anonymous

    God that is so pointless. It is really frustrating when cops can’t prioritize where they should be enforcing laws, that is, where there actually are more accidents (or at least where there are more close calls). There should be a law banning cops from camping out at non-problem intersections. They should only be able to camp-out at intersections where there really is a problem, not where it’s easy to pick-off cyclists.

  •  @azb324:disqus Perhaps it’s my age (!) but I do know quite a few people who might (just might) consider riding a bike a couple miles on a street they are familiar with on the west side of town but who would no more bike downtown than they would jump off a bridge naked into a river of vipers. I truly do hope the shut down encourages many people to try out bicycle commuting. If the 40,000 daily trips on the N turn into 40,000 extra car trips, no one is going to get to work at all.

  • Not only is the location pointless, the activity of ticketing slow, roll-through stops is pointless and a waste of police time. What is the true hazard? Failure by bicyclists to yield to pedestrians. Where is this behavior problematic?  Many places where there are large numbers of both pedestrians and bicyclists, but especially, right now, the Wiggle. Police should stand at Wiggle intersections for the next two weeks and give out tickets every time a bicyclist does not yield to a pedestrian who is either in the crosswalk or who has arrived at the street corner before the bicyclist and is clearly waiting to cross. Note: yielding means yielding–giving way to other (in this case pedestrian) traffic. Sometimes this yielding will manifest in slowing down rather than a complete stop as this is much easier for a bicyclist to do. The point is to yield and allow the pedestrian safe passage. (I would argue it also means coming no closer than 3 to 4 feet of said pedestrian.) Bicyclists absolutely have to develop the self-discipline to do this. But there is no reason, beyond the fact that bicycles are expected to follow rules developed for cars (even if entirely nonsensical for bicycles), that bicyclists should stop at empty intersections.

    If our police targeted bicyclists who fail to yield to pedestrians, this would actually change dangerous bicyclist behavior. It would actually be using taxpayer money to make our city safer. It would also result in reduced pedestrian animosity towards cyclists and ultimately increase acceptance of cycling city wide.

  • @KarenLynnAllen:disqus  absolutely. And the idiocy is that a half block away you can watch drivers chat and text away on Gough as they run red lights and block the intersection.

  • Anonymous

    Myself and my already-paid-for monthly pass would like to wish STMFA a hearty Fuck You.

  • It’s not the whole way but there’s that nice little “cycle track” on Laguna Honda. Great place to grab a breather or catch up with your friend.

  • mikesonn

    SFMTA is unveiling the “bike present in tunnel” signal through the Broadway tunnel. I thought they dropped this crazy idea, but they seem to think it’s a good thing.

    Can someone please talk some sense into them? Drivers (especially taxis) routinely go 50 mph+ through there and the curves are blind. WTF!

  • mikesonn

    And while I’m at it… The EMB in front of the ferry building is a complete joke. It is not safe to ride your bike on that stretch.

    Example: Riding north approaching Mission intersection, full green light, Amtrak bus comes up on my left – I know he is going to pull over to the right past the intersection so not sure why he is passing me when he could drop in behind me – he does not signal and then proceeds to squeeze me into the curb. Luckily there is a curb cut and no pedestrians so I jump on to sidewalk. I pull in front of him and stop and put my hands out, he proceeds to chew ME out. Passing rider says he couldn’t believe what he just saw so we chat as I take the right lane (to avoid a double parker in the bike lane directly in front of FB [a daily occurrence]). The EMB is out of control and a complete joke. The SFMTA and the FB should be ashamed!