Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Man at Third and Bryant Streets (ABC 7)
  • Bogotá’s Gil Peñalosa Visits Sunday Streets in Its 5th Year. SFGate Remarks: Where’s His Helmet?
  • N-Judah and J-Church Back in Service on Schedule (ABC 7)
  • SFMTA Staff Joins Green Lane Project Launch in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
  • Muni’s High-Tech In-Station Cameras Spot Bad Guys, No Human Judgment Required (Fast Co.)
  • Bay Area Leaders’ Tour of Dutch Bike Infrastructure Has Changed the Conversation (HuffPo)
  • Alamo Square Residents, Tour Bus Companies Seek Solutions to Complaints (SF Examiner)
  • Planning Comm. to Vote on Required Signage for Privately-Owned Public Open Spaces (SF Examiner)
  • Seattle Plans to Build Seven Miles of Bike Boulevards This Year (KTVN)
  • SFMTA Plan to Reduce Taxi Credit Card Fees Wins Few Fans (SF Examiner)
  • Survey Shows the Obvious: BART Riders Prefer New Vinyl Seats to Old Fabric Ones
  • 28 BART Escalators Are Out of Service (SFGate)

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  • mikesonn

    Hit/run article link doesn’t work.

  • Fixed, thanks.

  • Which 12 Bay Area folks when on the Netherlands trip? I’m not sure why it would be something that needs to be kept secret. None of the source articles offers up this information.

  • beth

    have you heard any info about a ped being hit by a car last friday on mission and cortland? i have been looking for it, but can’t find any info.

  • Some other articles have been written on it that might list them all out. A quick Google search turned up this one which lists all their positions but not names:

  • Sorry, I haven’t.

  • You can argue all you want about helmets on a normal SF day, but, of all days, you most certainly don’t need one on Sunday Streets.

    Isn’t the mainstream media at least starting to get suspicious that’s there’s a little bit more to this helmet thing??

  • Anonymous

    Gil Peñalosa making a “rookie” mistake by wearing jeans and no helmet?  How insulting to a leader in city planning!  Get a clue SFGate, it’s Sunday Streets, not a bike race. You’re embarrassing me.

  • Well, they are tourists–I bet they haven’t ridden a bicycle in years!

  • mikesonn

    Think of what that $300+ million could do for other, actually needed capital improvements.