MTC Smart Parking Workshops

From MTC:

Well-designed access and parking policies are essential strategies for creating vibrant commercial districts, supporting livable neighborhoods, and providing housing and travel choices for your community. MTC is offering technical workshops to assist local jurisdictions in examining key issues in access and parking policies. These workshops build on an ongoing regional initiative to better understand issues and opportunities around parking policies, especially focusing on implementing parking policies to support transit oriented development and downtown/town center and other infill development, described on MTC’s site at

These workshops are primarily intended for city council members, city planners, city public works, infill developers and other parties seeking parking policies and communication approaches to support infill and transit oriented development for their communities. The workshops will include presentations by developers and local planners, and will particularly focus on the topics of city parking minimums and parking structures analysis. There will be opportunities to ask questions, compare your situation with other participants, and make connections with colleagues. There will be a break with light refreshments provided.


  • Introductions & Welcome
  • Parking from a Developer’s Perspective 
    Exploring the role of parking policies from the developer’s perspective.
  • Parking & Smart Growth
    Focusing on how access is crucial to the economic health and livability of every city and town, and understanding the role that parking policies play in modern development.
  • Rethinking Parking Minimums
    Discussing how minimum parking requirements impact transportation, land use, and housing affordability, how policies can be changed to better support community goals.
  • Parking from a Planner’s Perspective 
    Exploring the role of parking policies and efforts to rethink parking at the local level from the perspective of a city planner.
  • Analyzing Parking Structures 
    Providing an overview of the benefits, key issues, challenges and tradeoffs associated with parking structures, and a framework for critical thinking about parking structures in the context of multi-modal access needs, conflicting uses for land, costs and revenues.
  • Parking Management from a System Perspective 
    Providing an overview of parking management and various approaches, such as pricing, unbundling of parking from housing, shared parking and parking benefit districts.
  • Closing Discussion & Recommendations for Next Steps 
    The workshop will close with an open discussion on impressions, issues, future interests, additional resources, opportunities and recommendations for next steps.

Registration, Schedule and Location

Each of these three workshops is the same – to register, pick one. (registration deadline June 6)

For more information, see or contact Valerie Knepper or 510 817-5824.



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